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Мужская обувь для забегов по шоссе

21 799 ₽
Белый/Dynamic Turquoise/Черный/Hyper Pink
Черный/Metallic Gold Coin/Белый
Белый/Metallic Silver/Черный
Barely Volt/Hyper Orange/Вольт/Черный
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Эта модель — воплощение эволюции скорости беговых кроссовок, разработанных для новых достижения целей и рекордов. Обновленный верх обеспечивает комфорт и воздухопроницаемость. От дистанции в 10 км до марафона — эта модель, как и ее предыдущая версия, обеспечивает мгновенную амортизацию и надежную поддержку, помогая тебе бегать еще лучше.

  • Цвет модели: Белый/Dynamic Turquoise/Черный/Hyper Pink
  • Модель: CU4111-101

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Отзывы (34)

4.6 Звёзд

Speed, comfort, style and more speed. What a shoe!!!

M A. - 22 нояб. 2021 г.

Firstly lets talk about the positives, this shoe makes you run fast. This is not a psychological gain, though I do believe you run faster in a shoe you feel good in, this is a full on propulsion of a gain. The shoe feels like it wants to run for you. My PB's broken in this shoe are astounding and on top of that the shoe is like running on a perfectly pressurised cloud of comfort. It looks the part too. Now for the negative. This is a race shoe not a training shoe unless you can afford to replace them every 4 months or so. I've put 550km in to them and run the sole out of them. At £210 per pair the cost per run soon adds up. Bottom line, if you are looking for instant gains then this is the shoe for you. I will be buying another pair!

Not necessarily for heel strikers

LaneW719481340 - 17 нояб. 2021 г.

I got the Bowerman edition the day it came out and could not have been happier spending $200+ on a pair of shoes. I got them for my first marathon and they've held up great except for one weak spot on the inside heel. Right before the inside rubber on the heel of each shoe, I have worn off a small patch of foam. If the rubber on the inner side was just as long as the outer side, I wouldn't have this problem. It doesn't seem to cause any functional issues though. Still love the shoes, this just irks me.

Amazing shoe except one thing

yuvalg678890237 - 13 нояб. 2021 г.

This shoe is amazing by all means. Yet people need to know that this shoe is for racing only and maybe some very fast trainings or unless you can afford them every 3-4 months then you might can to train in them every training. But if you want to improve your results then this is the right shoe for you. From 21m on 5km to 18:02 and from 43m on 10k to 39:50.