Nike React Escape Run

Женская обувь для бега по шоссе

9 199 ₽

Черный/Dark Smoke Grey/Белый/Черный
Light Soft Pink/Barely Green/Белый/Pink Oxford
Парус/Sea Glass/Coconut Milk/Metallic Cashmere

Покоряй улицы города в кроссовках, созданных для женской стопы. Широкий бортик обеспечивает поддержку, а мягкий пеноматериал амортизирует каждый шаг. Отвлекись от ежедневных забот и зарядись энергией во время пробежки в модели, вдохновленной уютными зимними вещами.

  • Цвет модели: Черный/Dark Smoke Grey/Белый/Черный
  • Модель: CV3817-002

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Отзывы (41)

4.6 Звёзд

It's alright

Jasmine G. - 06 дек. 2021 г.

As a fan of the Pegasus line, I found this shoe to be very average. I did not think that it was extraordinary or anything but I did note that it was thicker than most other Nike shoes which I suppose provides slightly more comfort than other running shoes. I bought these shoes for nursing school since I needed comfortable white shoes. I did not want to buy the Pegasus line in white since I do not plan to use it past school since I do not like white shoes. Nonetheless, this shoe was definitely not fully white, but more of an eggshell off colored white. While I personally just need to fulfil dress code requirements, this did bother me as the pictures make the shoe look blinding white. Also, the side details appear to be mesh since you can see the sock color I wear through it. It is not completely see-through, but it does show the color of the sock. The shoe overall gives good stability for your foot and is comfortable to walk around it but does not feel entirely different to the Pegasus line in terms of long-wear comfort. The size it just right as my foot is a 7.5 and I gambled and ordered 7.5 and have no issues with it. If you want more toe room and wear thicker socks then it might be a good idea to size up a half size but otherwise, I find that it had correct sizing. Overall, not a bad shoe, just not the "I'm walking on clouds" feeling everyone else is describing.

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D R. - 04 дек. 2021 г.

Very comfy, goes with loads of clothes You can wear it all day


D N. - 02 дек. 2021 г.

Comfort to the max- look super cool