Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38

Мужская обувь для бега по шоссе

10 299 ₽
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Рабочая лошадка, созданная, чтобы поддержать тебя на каждом километре.Кроссовки Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 с упругой подошвой из пеноматериала как в предыдущей версии обеспечивают амортизацию и поддержку при каждом шаге.Прочный верх из сетки обеспечивает комфорт и удобную посадку классических моделей Pegasus.Найди вдохновение в ретростиле и помни о своих корнях во время пробежки.

  • Цвет модели: Черный/Белый/Оранжевый/Золотистый
  • Модель: DM7602-001

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Отзывы (3)

4.3 Звёзд

If I Could Only Have One Shoe

HaroldS259408647 - 19 окт. 2021 г.

Overall, if I could only have one running shoe, the Pegasus 38 would be it. The Pegasus 38 has an interesting dual personality. At slower paces, the Zoom air-bag feels cushioned and does a good job damping out impact forces. At faster paces, the air-bag feels firmer and provides a noticeable rebound effect. The outsole traction is excellent, even for mild trail running. The crash-rail on the outer edge of the outsole is excellent for supinators who tend to put heavy wear in this area. The only downside is the Pegasus 38 required about 40 miles to really break-in. Initially, I could feel the creases in the Zoom air-bag on my right foot. These creases caused numbness and some discomfort initially on the ball of my foot. This gradually disappeared and is not noticeable now at the 60 mile mark.

Pegasus 38 running shoe

P A. - 27 сент. 2021 г.

Purchase the Pegasus 38. The shoe meets all the specs provided by Nike. Shoe runs slightly large, I inserted an inter sole and was able to correct the issue. Was afraid to go down 1/2 size because my toe was almost to the end. Believe the issues is that the shoe runs a little wider than other Nike shoes. Shoe is very confortable use it for both low impact cardio and walking the treadmill. Highly recommend the shoe if you are long distance runner, but if you are under 5 miles you will be OK

Can be better

R K. - 10 авг. 2021 г.

It’s good, but not the best.