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Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit

14 999 ₽
Белый/Bright Mango/Grey Fog/Metallic Silver
Черный/Elemental Pink/Cyber
Light Violet/Infinite Lilac/Citron Pulse/Белый
Черный/Iron Grey/Вольт/Белый
Белый/Чистая платина/Metallic Silver

Начни свою долгую пробежку в Nike ZoomX Invincible Run Flyknit. Легкий и упругий пеноматериал обеспечивает невероятную мягкость и возвращает энергию при каждом шаге. Эта модель с воздухопроницаемой надежной конструкцией прошла наибольшее количество испытаний. Надевай кроссовки и покажи, как ты можешь бегать.

  • Цвет модели: Черный/Elemental Pink/Cyber
  • Модель: CT2229-002

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Отзывы (4)

5 Звёзд

Fun, Forgiving and Even More Fun

RachelR872623037 - 05 апр. 2021 г.

Invincible is the perfect name for this shoe! I thought it might be a bit clunky/stodgy based on the massive heel, but once I put it on and got going, it was like I could just bounce along forever. I’ve run up to a 25mi training run in these shoes and was fresh enough to do a short jog the next day; they are THAT good. These definitely have a lot of squish to them so I’d save them for running (not walking or casual wear), but these are one of the most fun and forgiving shoes I’ve ever worn. They last a long time too, even on concrete; no real signs of outsole damage after over 200mi. If you’re training to race in the Next% or alphafly, get these. If you run on a lot of hard pavement, get these. If you want to feel like a kid again, bouncing along and invincible, get these.

New runners

Andrea_Dianna - 30 мар. 2021 г.

I received these last week..total surprise. I usually run in Pegasus. But when I tell you this shoe is so lightweight, soft with a good feel and ohhh so comfortable. I normally try to run 15 or more miles weekly. This is the perfect shoe for me pounding the pavement....with my feet. Infact, I run a lil harder and I have no problems with my legs or back. The fit is perfect. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these and if you try them....you will too.

Spa Day for Legs

Marjorie114 - 13 мар. 2021 г.

I got the ZoomX Invincible to add comfortable days to my running schedule. My other shoes are the Infinity React 2 and Pegasus. The ZoomX has many qualities. So comfortable after running all week and I want to increase my mileage. Soft and springy, but not stodgy. I would not call it a recovery shoe, although it is easy on the legs, because it is lively to run in. I would not call it a racing shoes, although I would probably choose this for a half-marathon or longer distance. I feel it will be the shoe I will reach for when my quads are beat, but I still want to do some miles. I would highly recommend this as a running shoe. And not a walking shoe, for that I would recommend the Pegasus, as the ZoomX is not a walker. Just run in them, and you'll feel the difference.