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Air Max 1 x Patta

Dark Russet

Aya Brown is an artist who has been made from the artistic bubble she lives in: “Everything I have drawn is inspired by my family, the Black women who raised me, and my community”. She has quickly realized that she wanted her drawings to pay tribute to the black sisterhood she is still surrounded by. Aya Brown grew up close to her grandmother’s artistic flair while she put her creativeness at the service of the church. Her mother continued the path by always making art supplies accessible: “I always had crayons, markers; and we made the most of it”.

The inspiration she has the chance to get from her environment also came from the people who mentored her. In middle school, she met with “her second mother”, her art teacher, who made possible her dreams to exist and sustain in time. Aya Brown entrusts us that she was not particularly felt seen as a young black girl nor really valued as a black female artist wishing to evolve in art. She however always felt she could lean back on her community, and wants the youth to feel pushed, and mentored while she tries to give back.

Her way to Patta starts from her dad who led her path to sneakers. “Patta definitely has a spot in sneaker culture. I think this project is a small step to finding a way to support black talents. Even when she was younger, Aya Brown always drew her characters with a pair of sneakers. “When I add a pair of sneakers to a person I am drawing, it defines who they are, and sometimes where they come from.” The word “wave” is definitely familiar to Aya Brown: “It is a word that defines how I want to show up for my community. I want us to rise up big like a wave, then come down and push everything back into the community, then come back up big and do it again and again.” Aya Brown is excited to see Patta continue to push the culture and embrace the community of today, and for the next waves to come. ”.


Air Max 1 x Patta

Remember the revolution. 1987 saw the birth of the Air Max lineage, showcasing visible Air for the first time. What began as an experiment in cushioning soon evolved into an icon on the track and the streets. Over the years, it's been re-imagined and re-tooled, but the heritage always remains.

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