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PG 1

Full-Court Ferocity

Designed to help the most versatile players move seamlessly from offense to defense, from tip-off to final buzzer.

PG 1

To play the game like Paul George is to be equally at home on both sides of the ball, comfortable in any position or situation. The PG 1 is built with that in mind— with responsive cushioning, locked-down stability and plush, all-around comfort for ferocity from end to end.

Locked-Down Stability

A forefoot strap with Flywire technology provides stability to transition smoothly in any direction.

Complete Comfort

A full inner-sleeve and a plush sockliner deliver exceptional comfort all game long.

Responsive Cushioning

Low-profile Nike Zoom Air delivers light, responsive cushioning to keep you hustling on every play.

I love the tightness and the feeling of being locked down. It's a snug fit as soon as you put the shoe on, and the forefront strap is another element of locking you in.

Paul George

Behind the Design

The Vision

Years ago, Paul George came to the Nike design team with a sketch of his ideal shoe. He requested a locked-in fit, plush comfort, and a unique style that looked as good off the court as it did during game time. Working tirelessly through every detail, PG and the Nike design team brought his vision to life—and in the process discovered new, innovative ways to not only enable but also enhance his incredible versatility on both ends of the floor.

Out-of-the-box Comfort

After learning PG had been wearing shoes a half-size too small, the Nike design team set out to create a shoe with the locked-in fit he loved, but with added comfort. They started with PG's original forefoot-strap concept and integrated ultralight, super-strong Flywire cables, working meticulously to perfect the stretch and support. It had to allow the 6-foot-9 swingman to move in all directions, and to stop and start quickly. Next, they thickened the sockliner, resulting in plush comfort right out of the box. "You'll be able to pick it up, step right into it—and it's going to feel awesome," Nike designer Tony Hardman says.

Making it Personal

When he's not on the court, Paul George is probably on the lake, holding a fishing rod. "He's got this duality to him," Hardman says. It was important to PG to represent his hobbies and most meaningful experiences in his design, so the team added subtle fish-inspired accents, his daughter's birthday, and Palmdale and Indiana area codes. There's even a stripe on the right shoe resembling a titanium rod, a nod to his 2014 injury and courageous road to recovery. The clean suede symbolizes his premium style off the court.