Pantalones de tejido Woven para mujer

Nike Sportswear Swoosh

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Los pants Nike Sportswear actualizan un básico deportivo con tejido Woven ligero y detalles Swoosh. Las costuras superiores, el gráfico cromado y el ajuste relajado hacen de este estilo casual el favorito para todos los días.

  • Color que se muestra: Negro
  • Estilo: CZ8909-010

Talla y ajuste

  • La persona de la fotografía usa talla S y mide 1,78 m
  • Ajuste estándar para una sensación relajada y cómoda

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Evaluaciones (20)

3.3 Estrellas

Strictly for working out

NycVH - 19 de marzo de 2021

These pants are not at all what I had expected to receive. These pants fit weird, as the leg part is extremely wide. I could see wearing these layered over other pants for warmth, or maybe another sports uniform on the way to/ from a game, but they don't look right on their own. Maybe it's my build, but I wear plenty of joggers and none seem to fit like these. They remind me of snow pants, but definitely not as heavy; these are more like a windbreaker thickness. They definitely make the swoosh sound when moving, so I'm not sure I would even wear them to workout because of that. I prefer to stick with my quiet and soft leggings. I do appreciate the extra thick cuff at the bottom though. Being under 5'5 I usually have to order 7/8 length workout pants or they are entirely way too long. I like that I am not tripping over these. All in all, these pants are a miss for me. If you are looking for loungewear or something at least semi flattering while out and about, these are not the pants for you.

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Old school warm up pants

Cwilk - 19 de marzo de 2021

These pants remind me of old-school basketball warm up pants. The material is thick and seems durable. They are loose in the legs, with a tight waist and tapered ankle. The legs of the pants are loose and oversized. On me, these pants were too tight up top, and too long and baggy everywhere else — maybe they’d be a better fit for someone with longer legs? I can’t rock these confidently, but I’m certain Hailey Baldwin could.

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Way too loose

Kmarlow - 16 de marzo de 2021

These pants were definitely not what I expected. From pictures on the website they looked comfortable and well fitting. What I received is baggy and unappealing. I’ve worn plenty of jogger pants and leggings and never had some fit as badly as these did. They would work well for the “saggy pants” look, but no way would I workout in them or even wear them out in public. I don’t even want to wear them around the house, they look that unappealing. I really thought I’d be getting a nice pair of pants but I got what I almost would swear is a pair of men’s joggers. Very disappointed. I ordered a 2x but could have probably done an XL. I don’t know if they would look better in a smaller size or not. These are not a brand I normally buy and certainly don’t make me want to try the brand out any more.

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