Camiseta de tirantes de running para hombre

Nike Dri-FIT Rise 365

Materiales sustentables
Altamente valorado
Gris humo/Jaspeado
Verde resplandor/Jaspeado
Royal juego/Jaspeado

Una prenda ligera favorita regresa con mayor transpirabilidad.La camiseta de tirantes Nike Dri-FIT 365 está confeccionada con fibras de poliéster 100% reciclado y datos proporcionados por los corredores para brindar frescura en las zonas donde más la necesitas.Tiene la misma sensación de suavidad que ya esperas, con detalles del diseño que hacen alusión al icónico diseño de chevrón de Nike.Este producto está fabricado al 100% con fibras de poliéster reciclado.

  • Color que se muestra: Gris humo/Jaspeado
  • Estilo: CZ9179-084

Talla y ajuste

  • La persona de la fotografía usa talla M y mide 1,88 m
  • Ajuste estándar para una sensación relajada y cómoda

Envíos y devoluciones gratis

Retiro disponible en las Nike Stores seleccionadas.

Método de fabricación

  • El poliéster reciclado utilizado en los productos Nike procede de botellas de plástico recicladas que se limpian, se desmenuzan y se convierten en pellets. Luego, a partir de los pellets, se fabrica un hilo nuevo de alta calidad que se utiliza en nuestros productos para proporcionar un rendimiento óptimo con un menor impacto en el medio ambiente.
  • Además de reducir los desechos, el poliéster reciclado reduce las emisiones de carbono hasta en un 30% en comparación con el poliéster virgen. Nike recupera un promedio de 1000 millones de botellas de plástico anualmente de vertederos y canales.
  • Obtén más información sobre Move to Zero y conoce cómo estamos trabajando para crear productos de manera responsable y ayudar a proteger el medio ambiente en el que vivimos y jugamos.

Evaluaciones (24)

4.8 Estrellas

My new favorite shirt

Kurt - 13 de mayo de 2021

This is actually the first tank I have tried and it’s amazing! I got a large in white and it fits great. I am a little larger so the shirt is tighter in the chest, but loose enough in the stomach to hide the fact that I have been slacking on my diet. I like the way it fits, but could have also done an XL if I wanted it to be looser. The material is very thin, light, and comfortable for any exercise you find yourself doing. I used this shirt for both running and lifting weights and it has actually become one of my favorite shirts. For starters, it’s a great way to show off my biceps but more seriously, it fits great and feels great! I often find myself in the gym with my hands and arms going over my head and most of my shirts lift up and expose my fatty stomach where this shirt has the proper length so that does not happen. My one and only complaint with this shirt is that you can see through the top half of the shirt because they made it extra breathable. This isn’t noticeable in pictures And may not be as obvious on other colors but I did notice it on the white version. Certainly not a big enough issue to stop me from wearing it and I still like this shirt more than some of my other shirts.

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.

Made me a running shirt believer

Tyler S - 12 de mayo de 2021

I'll admit it: I don't like wearing shirts when I run. True, in North Dakota sometimes I'm forced to layer up when our 9-month winter drags on a few extra weeks. But during those brief glimpses of warmth that we call spring and summer, I take every outdoor running opportunity to bask in the sun's glow, get my allotment of Vitamin D, and make those moments last as long as possible. And all sans shirt. This Nike tank top has changed my mind, somewhat. Maybe it's the fact it has no sleeves. Those precious few square inches of exposed shoulder skin could be what was holding me back from wearing shirts in the past. Maybe it's because the Nike tank top fits beautifully. No annoying flapping or moving around. Instead, it has that Goldilocks' just-right fit that allows you to move freely, without catching the wind like a sail. Plus, bonus points for a half dozen runs under me and zero chafing. Huge win in my book. In fact, the few shirts I do have are purposely tight fitting just to avoid chafing. So this style and fit, albeit looser than I'm accustomed to, works very well in both form and function. All in all, I'll definitely be adding a couple more of these to my running wardrobe. It's made me a shirt-wearing-while-running believer -- which I'm sure innocent bystanders who were forced to glance at my dad bod in the past will appreciate.

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.

High quality but not my fit

Zach - 12 de mayo de 2021

The Nike running tank, was mostly everything you’d expect. High quality fabric, durable, dri-fit, and bonus points for being not itchy at all after hours of wear. My one complaint was that it hugged my body a little too much. I don’t have the nicest muscle (or fat) definition everywhere on my body, but it accentuated everything. So for my super fit folks, maybe this is the tank for you!

Producto recibido de forma gratuita o evaluado como parte de un sorteo o regalo.