Jordan MA2 "Core Elements"

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Blanco/Negro/Azul señal/Rojo chile
Gris vasto/Caoba/Vela/Rojo gimnasio
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Mantente fiel a ti mismo con el Jordan MA2 "Core elements", que presenta una combinación de colores inspirada en el poder de conocerse uno mismo y mostrarlo. Se destaca con una mezcla táctil de gamuza, cuero de plena flor y tela que equilibran lo nuevo y lo clásico. Este calzado, fácil de poner y quitar, es un símbolo moderno de la actitud y la innovación de Jordan.

  • Color que se muestra: Blanco/Negro/Azul señal/Rojo chile
  • Estilo: CV8122-101

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Evaluaciones (19)

4.4 Estrellas

Snug but comfortable

Knia - 16 de abril de 2021

The shoes are super easy to put on. They are snug in length yet don’t feel tight and are comfortable. These shoes exceed the comfort of all my other basketball shoes, of which I have many. I’m a fan of the general style of the shoe, but the mix of materials is a little strange. I think I’d prefer all leather. Overall, these shoes are completely functional and I will wear them to shoot around and play the occasional pick up game.

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Retro and Stylish

bluex44 - 16 de abril de 2021

The shoe has a 90s retro look that I enjoy, with many of the pieces that make up the top portion cut in wavy lines that are appealing to the eye. My foot feels cushioned all around, especially at the top of my foot, with a firm padding. My toes have space to wiggle. Over all, my feet feel supported. The midsole is thick – about ½ inch to 1 ½ inch, going from tip to heel – and feels sponge-like. Walking around, you don’t feel much of the ground. The heel has a clear bubble where you can see some supportive structures, as well as through to the other side, giving it some of that “throw-back” charm. The Jumpman are on the center of the bottoms, with long ridges around for traction. Testing these, I found the grip to be acceptable, as I didn’t slip much on grass, asphalt, or smoother surfaces. The back of the heel is has a welcome grippy area with a crosshatch pattern. That’s there so you can use one foot to take the other shoe off and not damage the shoe. It even says “FOOT TO FOOT EJECT” on it, which made me chuckle. The tongues have a strips of sturdy material on them that you can grip to pull them up. They are even angled so you can get a good grip on them by using your thumb on the same side hand, or your index finger on your opposite side hand. I found that the tongues did not shift much, or fall into the shoe, while wearing them. Overall, these shoes are fun and comfortable, with a retro style (mine are white with black under the laces, some neon orange on the sides, and blue in the back). If you like the style, I’d recommend you get these.

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Zach - 15 de abril de 2021

I haven’t worn a high top in at least 20 years, but this one was a great re-introduction to the style. The style is not too over the top and the white gives it a very clean look. Downside is that the white shows dirt easier, but you can’t beat the look of a clean, white shoe. The accent colors and the suede (I think that’s what it is) all tie this shoe together for a unique and fresh look! Since I mainly wear running and casual shoes, I didn’t know if I’d like the feel of a Jordan, but dang, it’s comfortable! Maybe a bit narrow for my foot, but the cushion is excellent and the overall fit was pretty snug without creating any hot spots. I have a slightly wider foot so the only thing I’d change would be widening up the toe box, but that’s a personal preference and it’s current toe box doesn’t seem to detract from the overall feel. My picture doesn’t do the look of this shoe enough justice- it’s a beautiful shoe and I’d recommend it to everyone!

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