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Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

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Prepárate para tu siguiente marca personal con el Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%. La eficaz espuma y las dos unidades Zoom Air se combinan para que corras más lejos en tu próximo maratón o carrera.

  • Color que se muestra: Mango brillante/Bronce rojo metálico/Negro/Limón pulso
  • Estilo: CI9925-800

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4.6 Estrellas

Gaudy, but comfortable...

OakieO - 02 de abril de 2021

I’m an athletic guy who enjoys running. I gravitate towards extremely lightweight running shoes & these are the epitome of that. They feel like they’re barely there whether you hold them or wear them. The truth is I like the way they feel, but I personally don’t like the way they look. The color is extremely bright & pretty gaudy. Some people might enjoy the overstated style of this shoe, but I prefer understated colors & designs. The color is just one aspect of the eye-catching design though. I, personally, think the pointy heel at the back is odd. As for fit & feel, they’re really nice shoes. I especially like the inner heel grip. It gave a very light shoe a very secure feel. I also like that they come with a drawstring bag so I can store them in my gym bag. They feel bouncy & my speed definitely increased on a run. If I were racing, I think my overall performance would be improved by these shoes. If I were running a marathon, I would certainly want to be wearing them!

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Lightweight and fast

Knia - 15 de marzo de 2021

These are really fun running shoes. Beyond the flashy color and style, they are extremely lightweight and yet still very supportive and cushioning. Th shoes add about 2 inches to my height and provide a little bounce in my step. They are definitely a running shoe though, as they seem to best react to the motions and pressures of a running motion. Having also gone for a walk in the shoes, they are designed to have the pressures and compressions of a run in order to optimally perform. Running in the shoes feels great. The shoes are supportive, fast and feel like they are aiding in every part of my step, whereas typically I only usually feel this type of bounce in the heel of my shoes. Overall, if you are a distance runner, these shoes are wonderful and are highly recommended.

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Fast Shoe, If you let run.

J_hn - 10 de marzo de 2021

When you first put these shoes on you know that you're ready to run. The first thing you notice is the spring and responsiveness that you get from the Carbon Plate that is through out the sole, this is probably my favorite feature. The second thing you will notice or maybe not notice is the weight. They have a super light foam padding and a minimalistic AlphaFly Knit. The Knit is very breathable and feels great. The AlphaFly Knit is also forgiving. I have boarder line wide feet and the Knit really helps hold on to your feet. I normally wear a 9 in Nike and the shoes I have are 9.5. They are a little big for me, so I would make sure that you order the correct size and you should do fine. As for the overall design of the shoes it definitely screams fast. It has a fast and aerodynamic design, that just makes if feel like you are just slicing through the air. I did have one issue with the aerodynamic design and that was the elongated sole under the heal. I had to try really hard to keep a good running form and if I didn't I would scuff my heal on the ground or the tread. Last thing I would to say is that these shoes are defiantly for running. They have great rebound and support like everyone would want in a shoe. But the arch support and sole design are not made for everyday use. They are setup specifically for running and will keep you moving stride after stride.

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