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Nike SFB Gen 2 8" Leather


Las Nike SFB Gen 2 8" Leather son botas tácticas ligeras que cumplen con la norma DA PAM 670-1 y están diseñadas para brindar velocidad y flexibilidad en terrenos difíciles. La suela flexible, inspirada en la tecnología Nike Free, está equipada con un patrón gráfico agresivo para brindar tracción en múltiples superficies y con un escudo interior para evitar las perforaciones.

  • Color que se muestra: Coyote/Coyote/Coyote
  • Estilo: 922471-900

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Evaluaciones (14)

3.7 Estrellas

Great for military but can be improved.

DanielC998805208 - 14 de marzo de 2021

The Nike SFB Gen 2 are a great pair of boots for the field and regular military use. The boot handles well in sandy and rough terrain pretty well. My only complaint is the boot does begin digging into the heel when on long ruck marches, making it a bit difficult but beyond on that they are great.

Not as good as previous generations

mk386007 - 23 de noviembre de 2020

☹ This new generation does not fit the same as the originals (SFB or SFB field). I also do not like the new gaudy appearance. I strongly considered not buying them due to the unnecessary appearance. I loved that the 1st gen and Field 1 were low key style unlike all the other aftermarket boots that focused more on “tacticool” styling. Nike took a running show sole and put a boot upper on it. The SFB Field version took this idea and made it a little more robust but still very free and flexible. Up until this point I have absolutely loved these boots. I have had at least 5 pair of the SFB boots, mostly due to the real leather and coyote color changes. I will say I have ran through two pair but I would rather buy a boot that is great out of the box. The previous generation fit great with no nonsense “breaking them in”. I am also a runner and we “break in shoes” by running 5 miles to make sure everything is ok before running again. You should never break in a shoe, if they don’t fit they don’t fit. If these boots fit your foot they are great for the field, some people like to say they are more for “garrison only” which is just Cool Guy talk. They are great in every metric for field use I could have, they have great traction, freedom of movement, you can actually run in them, comfortable, breathability ect…. They are more suited towards summer/summer wet weather than cold weather and cold wet weather. It would be nice if they made one of the 3 lines into a cold/wet weather gore tex option. That is not what as important for most people. In a field environment (Gore tex or not) your feet will get wet but it would be nice. At this point in my career I would spend the money cold weather boots. The new Field 2 has a leather up around the ankle and a foam layer near the top which reduces the freedom of movement that made these boots great and fit like a running shoe. I guess that model is now focused towards people with weaker ankles? Based on the construction of the new field 2 I won’t even be trying them. My last option is maybe trying the jungle version. I cant find any of the previous gen in my size

Very good boots

McKenzieL254702124 - 27 de septiembre de 2020

I got these boots before my NTC rotation preparing for a tour overseas. They had a long break in period so I suggest moleskin and thick socks but they lasted me from June through my entire tour overseas and only need replaced due to the wear and tear if the idle east desert! Once they’re broken in they are very comfortable!

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