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3 GREAT CORE STRENGTHENERS Tone your abs and back to become a stronger, more balanced runner.


Want a sweet six-pack? Yes, of course you do. But the real benefit of doing core work and building
stronger abdominal and back muscles is that it improves your posture and stability, betters your form
and can make you a fitter, faster runner. However, as we all know, getting a tight midsection does not
magically happen overnight. For starters, try incorporating these runner-friendly exercises from 2015
200m World Champion Dafne Schippers, a quick sample from her new 12-minute Core Control
Workout on the Nike+ Training Club app, into your routine a few times each week.


SINGLE LEG SQUAT TO WALK OUT Benefits: Strengthens your arms, abs, back, legs and glutes; improves core stability. 1. Begin in standing position. 2. Bend left knee slightly and lean forward from hips, lifting right foot a few inches off the floor. 3. Hinge forward from hips, reaching arms out in front of you, and place palms on the floor. 4. Walk out into a plank, keeping back flat, abs engaged and right foot lifted. Lower right foot to
floor and lift left leg. Continue alternating sides, while holding plank, for 50 seconds. Reverse
back to start. Switch legs and repeat.


ALTERNATING CRAB REACH Benefits: Strengthens obliques, abs, back, legs and glutes; stretches hip flexors and sides of body. 1. Start sitting on a mat with knees bent, feet flat on floor and hands placed behind your hips,
fingers facing away from you.
2. Engage your glutes to bridge up and lift right arm off floor, reaching overhead. 3. Lower hips to floor, then rise back up, reaching left arm overhead. Continue alternating sides for
50 seconds.


DEAD BUG Benefits: Strengthens abs, back, glutes, hips; improves core stability. 1. Lie face-up on floor with knees bent and arms extended by sides. 2. Lift knees over hips, forming a 90-degree angle with lower body, and extend arms toward ceiling,
directly over shoulders.
3. Extend left leg straight in front of you, and reach right arm overhead. Focus on keeping lower back
as still as possible and in contact with the floor. Return to center.
4. Switch legs/arms and repeat. Continue alternating sides for 50 seconds.
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