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黑/Metallic Gold Coin/白
白/Metallic Silver/黑
Aurora Green/Chlorine Blue/Pale Ivory/黑
Barely Volt/Hyper Orange/Volt/黑
Glacier Blue/Chile Red/Pale Ivory/黑
設計專屬於你的 Nike By You 產品

穿上競速鞋款,讓速度再進化,自信挑戰全新目標和紀錄。 鞋面經重新設計,全面提升舒適度與透氣性。 本鞋型保留前一代的靈敏緩震和穩固支撐機能,無論是 10K 或是馬拉松賽,都能推進你發揮優異表現。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/Metallic Gold Coin/白
  • 款式: CU4111-001


訂單金額滿新臺幣 4,500 元即享免費標準運送服務

  • 標準運送的商品可於 2-5 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 2-3 個工作天內送達

  • 標準運送的商品可於 3-6 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 3-5 個工作天內送達

訂單皆於星期一至星期五之間處理與寄送 (國定假日除外)

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評價 (33)

4.5 顆星

Not necessarily for heel strikers

LaneW719481340 - 2021年11月17日

I got the Bowerman edition the day it came out and could not have been happier spending $200+ on a pair of shoes. I got them for my first marathon and they've held up great except for one weak spot on the inside heel. Right before the inside rubber on the heel of each shoe, I have worn off a small patch of foam. If the rubber on the inner side was just as long as the outer side, I wouldn't have this problem. It doesn't seem to cause any functional issues though. Still love the shoes, this just irks me.

Amazing shoe except one thing

yuvalg678890237 - 2021年11月13日

This shoe is amazing by all means. Yet people need to know that this shoe is for racing only and maybe some very fast trainings or unless you can afford them every 3-4 months then you might can to train in them every training. But if you want to improve your results then this is the right shoe for you. From 21m on 5km to 18:02 and from 43m on 10k to 39:50.

Brilliant! But sort the sole out

A L. - 2021年11月11日

I love this shoe and as a triathlete need a shoe that is comfortable, fast and considering the high level of competition it gives the best running experience . The only thing that lets this shoe down is the sole which wears out far to quickly, this has been a problem for some time and once this is solved it to me would be the best shoe ever !! Hopefully having the sole like this isn’t a ploy to sell more shoes, sadly I think it is !! Come on Nike don’t treat us like this.