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獻上你與路面的全新開始。我們深知舒適是暢跑關鍵,因此打造緩震靈活腳感,成就柔軟騁馳體驗。束帶搭配環繞式拉鍊設計,讓穿脫更便利。這款透氣設計採用至少占總重量 20% 的再生材質,將人氣款式進化升級。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/Iron Grey/白
  • 款式: DC8992-003

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3.5 顆星

  • Flyease

    Flyease - 2022年2月15日

    These shoes are super nice. They seemed confusing when I first went to try them on but after a few seconds, I realized how convenient they were! When they’re on your feet, it seems like the shoe would slip off of your foot very easily but that is not the case. They feel very secure once you start moving and I forgot all about that worry on a six mile run. They are so easy to slip on and off and are very comfortable. They held up great on a six mile run and also a whole day of work at the office. The simple black style is perfect for any outfit as well.

  • Awesome design, very comfortable

    Trail Shoes - 2022年2月12日

    I like the style of these, they actually look a lot like my previous pair of running shoes. I have also had the bad habit of lacing most of my shoes in a way that I can remove and put them on without having to untie and re-tie them every time. To that point, the design of these, being intended to slide off and on with a heel zipper, is a great fit for me. I was actually amazed when I saw these, as I've never seen that type of design before. I also feel like the zipper and strap is pretty well integrated to the design, and doesn't really stand out. These fit just as expected compared to any other running shoes I've owned. I got an 8.5 for these and they fit well. I do wonder about the elastic laces and the heel with a zipper, as far as durability. I haven't had them long enough to see if the tongue will become loose over time due to the elastic laces stretching, or if the heel will weaken over time along the zipper. These are very comfortable, I've been wearing them as regular wear instead of just during my workouts. I haven't really had any problem spots with wear-in, these were comfortable from the first time I put them on. One thing I did notice is that if you unzip the heel zipper each time you take them off, you have to make sure the fickle little flap behind the zipper is properly tucked when you rezip them. If you don't, you may feel the bulge of the zipper on your heel, which could be uncomfortable if you actually walked around like that. Overall I really like these, they're very comfortable, I like the style, and they slip on and off very easily. I do have a bit of concern with how they may age, but running shoes have limited wear anyways, so I trust they should last a comparable amount of time to most others.

  • ToddlerDad - 2022年2月11日

    The shoes are comfortable and lightweight. Its not my favorite for a running shoe. The shoes feel like they're going to fall off my feet when I go around the neighborhood for a jog and unfortunately they can't be tightened. They're good for indoor workouts such as weight lifting, jumping rope, HIIIT workouts but they didn't work for running for me. The zipper is helpful if you have wider feet or struggle with shoes overall.