Nike Revolution 6 FlyEase Next Nature



獻上你與路面的全新開始。我們深知舒適是暢跑關鍵,因此打造緩震靈活腳感,成就柔軟騁馳體驗。束帶搭配環繞式拉鍊設計,讓穿脫更便利。這款透氣設計採用至少占總重量 20% 的再生材質,將人氣款式進化升級。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/Iron Grey/白
  • 款式: DC8992-003


訂單金額滿新臺幣 4,500 元即享免費標準運送服務

  • 標準運送的商品可於 2-5 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 2-3 個工作天內送達

  • 標準運送的商品可於 3-6 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 3-5 個工作天內送達

訂單皆於星期一至星期五之間處理與寄送 (國定假日除外)

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Changed too much from the Revolution 5 design

AlexA427586070 - 2021年12月12日

I have two pairs of last year's Revolution 5 Flyease and love them. Wanted to get another pair and thought I'd try the new version. I didn't notice until I tried them, but they completely changed the zipper closure design. 1. The velcro closure/strap is now attached to the shoe body in addition to the zipper which makes it very difficult to unzip. It won't even unzip more than a couple inches, so not sure why the zipper even goes back around your heel. 2. The strap now doesn't go across to the other side of the shoe. It simply velcros to the same side which means you can't really adjust the tightness of the shoe at all. It's loose on my feet. The old design was perfect, and I have no idea why they tried to reinvent it this year with a really clunky awkward design. Just get the Revolution 5 version before they sell out.

Horrible design, total let down

AdamK99182237 - 2021年11月24日

Zipper is difficult to open and close. The tongue is separate like a normal pair of shoes but since you can’t tighten the laces your socks shoe through. Sending them back.