LeBron 18 "Best 10-18"


20% 折扣
Psychic Purple/多種顏色/黑
University Blue/多種顏色/Metallic Gold

當 LeBron 在球場上加速奔馳,便成為不容小覷的力量。LeBron 18 鞋款專為駕馭其球技、減輕他加諸在身體上的負荷而設計。鞋底搭載緩震系統,讓他能隨心使用那無人可擋的瞬間爆發力。取球王歷來專屬系列的著名配色,將其中色調結合在一起,構成這不拘一格的新穎配色。

  • 顯示顏色: Psychic Purple/多種顏色/黑
  • 款式: DM2813-500


訂單金額滿新臺幣 4,500 元即享免費標準運送服務

  • 標準運送的商品可於 2-5 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 2-3 個工作天內送達

  • 標準運送的商品可於 3-6 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 3-5 個工作天內送達

訂單皆於星期一至星期五之間處理與寄送 (國定假日除外)

Nike 會員享免費退貨服務免費退貨退貨政策例外情況

評價 (4)

3.5 顆星

Easy on the eye but not your feet

JamesC240422139 - 2021年10月28日

These are great to look at but that’s as far as it goes. These trainers are the most uncomfortable trainers I’ve ever worn. They have little air bubbles on the tongue which rub against my feet. The inside soles are uncomfortable when walking. I read reviews saying they feel like pillows on your feet, I’d rather walk barefoot than wear these. The materials on the trainers are not quite sturdy so it wouldn’t surprise me if they tear easily. These are such a disappointment considering how much they cost.

Walking on pillows

Ken844698674 - 2021年8月18日

Soft pillows under my feet 👣

RyanL122749798 - 2021年7月02日

I absolutely love this shoe! I’m 290lbs and athletic, and this shoe holds my foot comfortably in place when I; run, power lift, or during high intensity circuit training. I do wish Nike would start keeping more size 15 in stock in all there shoes. If I had the option I would buy two more pairs.