Jordan Flight Heritage

男款短袖 T 恤



Jordan Flight Heritage T 恤採用結構扎實的高磅數棉質布料,搭配寬鬆剪裁。Michael Jordan 知名圖像的風格剪影,結合背面帶有紋理感的超大 Flight 文字商標。

  • 顯示顏色: Light Bone
  • 款式: DH3610-072


  • 模特兒身高 183 公分,穿著 M 號
  • 標準剪裁,著感寬鬆隨興

評價 (6)

4.8 顆星

I like to move it move it

Glenn F. - 2022年1月12日

This shirt is pretty dope. At first I thought the graphic in the back might be a bit much, but it’s just fine. Perfect match for my Bordeaux 1s and Air Max 1 Pattas (night maroon). Quality of materials is excellent. This shirt will be in my primary rotation for a long time. So glad I got these before they sold out in my size. Loose roomy fit so movement is easy.

Just do it

S H. - 2022年1月04日

Love my Nike over 150 pairs now and counting


Wilfredo D. - 2022年1月02日

Good quality