Statement 男款全長式拉鍊 Fleece 連帽上衣

Jordan Dri-FIT Air


穿上 Jordan Dri-FIT Air 連帽上衣,火力全開。柔軟具結構感的連帽上衣,搭載排汗技術,有助你保持乾爽,讓你打籃球時感到輕鬆舒適。髖部側邊及後側配有拉鍊口袋,提供安全便利的收納機能。這款產品採用至少 75% 的再生聚酯纖維。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/黑
  • 款式: DA9854-010


  • 模特兒身高 185 公分,穿著 M 號
  • 標準剪裁,著感寬鬆隨興

評價 (28)

4.7 顆星

A L. - 2021年8月06日

Stylish and comfortable. Fits perfectly.

Great for Changing Temperatures

Hans&C - 2021年5月25日

I'm a young father, and it's important to me to take my kids camping. The temperatures at sunset fluctuate, so I need to go easily from warm to cold and back. This jacket did great at managing all of this. It absorbed sunlight well and warmed quickly. But if I unzipped the jacket, it cooled off quickly. It did mildly well against wind. My biggest con is the cord setup for the hood - it's much too bulky and doesn't look that great. This jacket has some great pockets - easy to use. But the zippers can be difficult at times. I'm worried they'll break at some point.

Great, versatile hoodie!

Rachel - 2021年5月25日

This is a beautiful hoodie. The blacks are rich and I love that the pockets have a different material than the rest of the hoodie. The fabric feels light but warm and very breathable. And the cuffs are super soft. The hood is also really nice and not heavy, so it won't pull on ponytails or damage hair. I haven't washed it yet, but I'm hopeful it'll hold up. It'll be a little while before it is in a full rotation for me because summertime is HOT here. But, the Dri-Fit will be AWESOME for pre -and post-workout wear and I can fully see this becoming a go to for mid-range weather. While I won't use it for running, it has an awesome zipper pocket along the back which I would absolutely use if I was wearing this while doing something active--so brilliant to be able to keep your phone/wallet/keys close by without impeding movement. And, it looks great with jeans. Basically, just a super versatile, well executed hoodie. I only gave it 4 stars because, as a men's hoodie, the fit and style looked a bit like my husband was wearing one of my sweatshirts. Obviously, when I wear it, it looks a bit like I'm wearing one of his. It isn't super flattering on me (men's sweatshirts don't allow for as much room in the hips, so it pulls across my stomach a bit). That being said, I'm definitely going to wear it all the time. In the photos, I'm the top row and my husband is the bottom row. We're both about 5'5" and around 150lbs.