Nike Blazer 中筒 '77 Next Nature



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1970 年代的風格,1980 年代的最愛,1990 年代的經典,未來精彩可期。Nike Blazer 中筒 ’77 Next Nature 這次以占總重量至少 20% 的再生材質演繹雋永設計。我們採用以再生原料混製而成、質感出奇俐落的合成皮革,取代容易對環境造成負擔的皮革鞋面。

  • 顯示顏色: 白/黑
  • 款式: DO1344-101


訂單金額滿新臺幣 4,500 元即享免費標準運送服務

  • 標準運送的商品可於 2-5 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 2-3 個工作天內送達

  • 標準運送的商品可於 3-6 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 3-5 個工作天內送達

訂單皆於星期一至星期五之間處理與寄送 (國定假日除外)

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評價 (22)

4.3 顆星

RainbowMoon - 2021年12月31日

This shoe has a classic look, you can dress it up or down. It is clear that there are recycled elements in the shoe that make it appealing to those who are trying to steer away from fast fashion. However, the shoe was not very comfortable. It ran a half size bigger and the insole felt like a brick.

Great quality and style!

MamaMac - 2021年12月30日

These Nike Blazer Mid '77 shoes are extremely comfortable! I love the fit! They are easy to put on. The style is extremely easy to wear with so many styles. These shoes look great with jeans, shorts, skirts, and even dresses. The shoes are a nice high top and all of the stitching is very well done. I love the fact that they are made from recycled materials and that they are saving the environment. How amazing is it to be safe with the environment and also comfort and style. These shoes are amazing and I can assure you that you will love them!

Great shoes narrow fit

MamaToBoth - 2021年12月30日

I really love these sneakers! The black and white design is really classic but the contrasting black textures in the shoe give them and edgy and original feeling. I can dress these up with faux leather leggings and a upscale flannel or throw on jeans and a tshirt with them! The classic colors and design make them very versatile! I will say that, as expected for this style of sneaker, they have no arch support and and are a completely flat sole (like traditional canvas styles are). They also have your traditional canvas shoe narrow width- so if you have wide feet these are not for you. Other brands of traditional canvas shoes have given me the appearance of having long narrow “clown feet” and I don’t feel like that’s the case with these shoes- the coloring and details break the shoe up to give your feet a more flattering silhouette. I will say I’m not a huge fan of the unfinished edging on the tongue of the shoe- it looks unintentionally unfinished to me. However it doesn’t rub and I don’t find this detail to compromise the comfort or overall appeal of the shoe. Overall I really love the shoes and how versatile they are. For me these shoes were a win and have become a staple in my wardrobe.