HIIT 課程女鞋

Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 Next Nature



深蹲、短跑、循環訓練。暢動不停歇的鞋款,也踏上了實踐永續理念的旅程。專為快速運動、提升最大心率和值得讚賞的運動組數而設計的 Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 Next Nature,採用全新的精心設計,可減少廢料並維持機能性,是一款令你心儀的鞋子。採用占總重量至少 20% 的再生材質製成,包括 Nike Grind、塑膠瓶和其他廢料。

  • 顯示顏色: Coconut Milk/Light Arctic Pink/Total Orange/黑
  • 款式: CZ0608-106


訂單金額滿新臺幣 4,500 元即享免費標準運送服務

  • 標準運送的商品可於 2-5 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 2-3 個工作天內送達

  • 標準運送的商品可於 3-6 個工作天內送達
  • 快遞運送的商品可於 3-5 個工作天內送達

訂單皆於星期一至星期五之間處理與寄送 (國定假日除外)

Nike 會員享免費退貨服務免費退貨退貨政策例外情況

評價 (19)

4.3 顆星

Not your normal sneaker

TG613 - 2021年6月11日

I normally would not try this kind of shoe without being prompted to but I’m so glad I did. I have a heel strain that acts up from time to time and this was the most comfortable shoe on my heel that I’ve ever felt. I put “runs small” just because they’re a little hard to put on and feel tighter than a usual sneaker because of how they’re laced and how they’re made, but it seems like it’s supposed to be that way. Once I found the lace tightness I liked, they felt like I was walking on clouds. It was a learning curve putting them on the first time because of the weight of the shoe, you can easily tip forward if you’re not used to them. They’re great for any activity that you’d be exerting your feet - walking, running, jumping, etc. I’d size up a half size if you don’t want them super tight but just know that tightness does add to how it fits and how it almost feels like it forms to your foot. They’re a little taller than I’m used to for sneakers but I’m enjoying them.

Definitely a winner

Alexamb - 2021年6月09日

* What did you think about the fit and feel of this shoe? * What did you think about the design of this shoe? * Was this shoe comfortable enough to wear all day long? * What did you like most about this shoe? What would you change? I absolutely love this shoe! When I first opened them up I was a little unsure because they’re not my usual style. I was pleasantly surprised when they looked awesome on! On top of the awesome look, they are extremely comfortable too! The heel has a padding that seems to cradle your foot comfortably and the rest of the shoe is just designed so comfortably, I could definitely see myself wearing these for an extended period of time. I loved how the shoe itself is part of a green initiative and a percentage of the materials are recycled to make the shoe—always a plus. The design is so funky and fun and the lavender color is a highlight for me. I usually don’t like a platform shoe but this was so tastefully done. One drawback I will admit is that they seem to run a bit small and snug—I have a rather narrow foot to begin with and I’m always a solid 9 in athletic shoes but found that this shoe could’ve used a little more room length and width wise. I’ll continue to wear them and see if they give a little and stretch but overall I absolutely love the shoe and got tons of compliments on them when I wore them out!

These shoes are amazing!

Aud94 - 2021年6月08日

After wearing these shoes for a week I am highly impressed with them! The comfort and support on the balls of my feet is unlike any other pair of shoes I’ve had! I love the arch support and how light the shoes are too. They run true to size and I would highly recommend them! They are comfortable for hours and hours of wear.