Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 FlyEase

女款輕鬆穿脫路跑鞋 (寬)

設計專屬於你的 Nike By You 產品

穿上展翼戰靴,起腳飛馳。 跑鞋迷的摯愛款式以超彈力機能回歸,無論是長跑或日常累積里程都能駕馭。 延續前代的緩震支撐設計,實現步步回彈感受。 網布鞋面提供所需的舒適度和耐久性,並重現經典 Pegasus 剪裁設計。

  • 顯示顏色: 黑/Anthracite/Volt/白
  • 款式: DA6700-001

評價 (25)

4.4 顆星

Serious Runners, this is NOT the shoe for you!

MuffsterMelissa - 2021年10月27日

Before writing this review, I just finished telling my partner that I'd be surprised that any serious runner would like this shoe. Looking at the other reviews confirms my thoughts as most mention "tennis shoe" or walking, etc etc. I have worn Nike Air Pegasus for over 20 years. I am completely loyal to the brand, and love the shoe. That is, until now. I ordered these shoes as they were the first Air Pegasus that popped up in my search for wide feet. And boy was I disappointed. I took my first two runs in them. First and foremost, especially with wide feet, the zipper is difficult to close. The velcro strap allows very little ability to really adjust the tightness of your laces where you want them to be tight, or looser. But worse, the shoes causes me TERRIBLE foot pain. The zipper hits right at the toe joint, the widest point of the foot. For distance runners, this is not good. I have hit the Advil several times in the last few days as my feet hurt, my back hurt, and my shins hurt(which has not been the case since high school) The fit is so poor. These shoes in no way are safe for long distance, for anyone. Please move this design off your running collection. I will be sending them back, and buying another pair of Air Pegasus that lace as normal, and fit my foot they way they should.


Fabulous! - 2021年8月30日

I absolutely love these tennis shoes because of the non-traditional zipper closure. They’re so easy to get on and off with not having to tie them. The zipper stayed secure through all my activities. The show was super comfy and great arch support.


Lara F - 2021年8月28日

These sneakers were sharp and stylish while being supportive and comfortable! I’m 8 months pregnant and was worried my feet might be too swollen to fit but they fit like a dream and I felt very supported by the zipper and Velcro, also so much easier to get on than laces. I wore these without socks and they fit like a glove so not sure I could run in these with socks unless I wore them in more or sized up. Also my feet might be a little more swollen than usual. I liked that the sole had some structure and jutted out at the back, I felt like this made the shoes more stable and sturdy and helped absorbed shock without feeling clunky or heavy. I liked the style and the bright pops of color and felt ready to take on my day of errands with these strapped on :) These are definitely going to be my go-to sneakers when I need something cute, comfortable and functional to wear when I’m going to be on my feet all day, chasing around a toddler, shopping or going for walks!