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Nike SuperRep Go

Erkek Antrenman Ayakkabısı

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Nike SuperRep Go; rahat köpük yastıklamayı, esnekliği ve desteği birleştirerek istasyon çalışmalı fitness derslerinde ve evde yaptığın antrenmanlarda rahatça hareket etmeni sağlar.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Siyah/Dark Smoke Grey/Beyaz
  • Stil: CJ0773-010

Ücretsiz Kargo ve İade Olanağı

2.200 TL üzerindeki siparişlerde ücretsiz standart kargo.

  • Siparişini hangi nedenle olursa olsun 30 gün içinde ücretsiz olarak iade edebilirsin.

İncelemeler (64)

3.3 Yıldızlar

  • These will rip

    JohnB246579918 - 26 Tem 2022

    Like a lot of other reviewers I used these shoes only for working out in the house and within months there were holes forming in them. Then they started ripping in more spots. It is definitely a problem with the material the shoe is made of and not from using them in work outs.

  • Bad, very bad.

    3e571370-46ee-43dd-a132-b3f2353eeacd - 20 Haz 2022

    I've had the shoes for a month and a few days, I haven't really put them under much stress and they are already damaged.

  • Do not buy!

    jealousy1408 - 25 Eki 2021

    Nike SuperRep Go Men's Training Shoes Black/Iron Grey/Metallic Pewter/Metallic Pewter We bought these shoes in June and weren’t worn until August when school started. They are totally ripped and now can’t be worn at the beginning of October. They were worn maybe 2-3 times a week. So disappointed in Nike for allowing shoes like this to be made!