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Nike Sportswear Sport Essentials+

Fleece Erkek Kapüşonlu Sweatshirt'ü


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Vivid Green/Medium Blue
Hot Curry/Habanero Red
Dark Marina Blue/Siyah

İkonik Club Fleece kumaştan üretilen Nike Sportswear Sport Essentials+ Crew Üst, ihtiyaç duyduğun sıcaklığı anında sağlar. İşleme ve kabartma baskılı logo kombinasyonu, bu vazgeçilmez silüete doku ve karakteristik Nike stili kazandırır.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Dark Marina Blue/Siyah
  • Stil: DM6873-407

Beden/Numara ve Kesim

  • Model M beden giymektedir ve boyu 183 cm'dir
  • Rahat ve sade bir yapı sunan standart kesim

Ücretsiz Kargo ve İade Olanağı

1600 TL üzerindeki siparişlerde ücretsiz standart kargo.

  • Siparişini hangi nedenle olursa olsun 30 gün içinde ücretsiz olarak iade edebilirsin.

İncelemeler (18)

4.4 Yıldızlar

  • Great Overall Hoodie

    Antonio J - 16 Tem 2022

    I am normally particular with my hoodies and love most Nike ones. And this hoodie was no exception and was very comfortable. The fleece on the inside was very soft and kept my comfortably warm during the colder months. It was pretty modern style wise but I ended it wearing it more often around the house and gave it some daily use. I would definitely purchase another one but maybe in a different style or color scheme.

    Ürün ücretsiz olarak veya bir ödül-çekiliş/hediye kapsamında alındı.
  • Fleece Pull Over Review

    Payton - 19 Nis 2022

    The fleece pullover first grabbed my attention with the logos popping out from multiple places on the hoodie. Instantly I was a fan of the design due to the multiple colours featured on the various logos. After trying the pullover on, the first thing I noticed was the soft fabric and the way it felt on me. The pullover was much more comfortable than first expected. My favourite feature of the pullover is the logo placements on the hood, back and sleeve. This pullover was a go to piece to wear to class, to the gym or even out for the night. I have been very pleased with the pullover and it has been a favourite in my rotation of hoodies.

    Ürün ücretsiz olarak veya bir ödül-çekiliş/hediye kapsamında alındı.
  • Versatile Training Hoodie

    Brian C - 12 Nis 2022

    The Nike Sportswear Sport Essentials+ Men's Fleece Pullover Hoodie is extremely comfortable and worked well through a number of different activities. It is lightweight and was perfect for warming up during a weightlifting session and also during a cool morning shoot around before playing basketball. The cuffs on the wrist provide just enough elasticity to pull up without getting stretched out. The hoodie fits true to size and provided enough room to move without restriction. The fleece material is soft both on the inside and outside of the hoodie and my favorite part is both the embroidered and printed logos throughout the design. The one complaint I do have is that the hood opening is a little small, as it was a little tight to put over my head if I had any type of hat or beanie on. Overall this is a great hoodie for any athletic activity if you need a little warmth and a lot of movement.

    Ürün ücretsiz olarak veya bir ödül-çekiliş/hediye kapsamında alındı.