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Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX

Su Geçirmez Arazi Tipi Erkek Koşu Ayakkabısı


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Light Bone/Cargo Khaki/Summit White/Bicoastal
Velvet Brown/Siyah/Golden Moss/Medium Blue

Nike Pegasus Trail 4 GORE-TEX, ne olursa olsun geriye dönmek istemediğin anlar için üretilmiştir. Su geçirmez GORE-TEX, kuru kalmana yardımcı olarak en beklenmedik hava koşullarında bile güven verir. Daha yüksek tozluk ise ekstra koruma sunarak suya geçit vermez. Hızlı tepki veren Nike React köpük, yağışlı havalarda hız kesmeden hem yolda hem arazide koşmana imkan tanır.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Light Bone/Cargo Khaki/Summit White/Bicoastal
  • Stil: FB2193-001

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2.200 TL üzerindeki siparişlerde ücretsiz standart kargo.

  • Siparişini hangi nedenle olursa olsun 30 gün içinde ücretsiz olarak iade edebilirsin.

İncelemeler (5)

2.8 Yıldızlar

  • Bad design, hard to get in.

    Venkatesan466368651 - 05 Oca 2023

    Nike is my favorite brand. I am giving it one star because this model has a bad design/manufacturing flaw. Let me explain, I bought size 9.5 US of this model (my usual size) during thanksgiving and was very excited to try it when it arrived. Despite all the effort, it was so difficult to insert my leg into it as the flap on the top was stitched/glued all the way to the middle and wouldn't make enough room to insert my leg. Then I returned it and got size 10 assuming it will have more space to get in, but the same problem, and I had to force very hard to get in even though it is .5 more than my regular size. I am returning this one as well as it feels like they made a mistake of sticking that flap at the top to reduce the opening so water can not get in but it makes it harder to get our foot as well n. I hope someone from Nike reads this and convey it to their designer to fix this issue. I still like the look of this design, but it is unusable to me.

  • Perfect everyday shoe

    JOeHERairUH - 27 Ara 2022

    Needed a shoe that could fit the “every day sneaker” category while maintaining a waterproof reliability when I travel - specifically for Northern Ireland in this instance. After doing all my research I decided to risk it for these shoes and man did Nike pull through. This shoe is great for every day walking, traveling and light hiking, no issues with waterproofing. Love them so much I bought a second pair!

  • Great Buy

    ShamirD79297502 - 23 Kas 2022

    I was a bit hesitant to purchase these given some of the reviews, but I'm really glad I did. Tested on a 17km route that I frequently take. Terrain was a mix of road, pavement, shallow mud, soggy leaves, puddles, packed gravel, broken up asphalt, and dirt. It was sunny, but it had been raining during the last 6 hours. The shoes performed amazingly. The grip was consistant and reliable with all the terrain types, the ride was comfortable and secure, and loss of traction when switching between muddy trail and dry pavement was barely noticable and shortlived. When I've run this route with a pair of regular Pegasus trainers, they've been completedly saturated if I didn't jump puddles fully - this time, I went straight through them. There was no water ingress at all. The shoes are heavier and more insulated - as you'd expect - so there'll be some loss of speed and sweatier feet in warmer weather. My run was at about 9 degrees, and they did feel a bit too warm, so they'll probably not be suitable for summer trail running.