Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX

Su Geçirmez Arazi Tipi Erkek Koşu Ayakkabısı


Yüksek Puanlı
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Siyah/Dark Smoke Grey/Iron Grey/Siyah
Rugged Orange/Siyah/Total Orange/Habanero Red
Obsidian/Matte Olive/Citron Tint/Siren Red

Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX ile yağışlı havalarda bilinmeyene yelken aç.Sevdiğin yastıklama ve rahatlığı sunan tasarım, sağlam tutuş yapısı ve geliştirilmiş orta kısmıyla ayağını sıkıca sarıp destekler.Su geçirmez üst kısım, fırtına seni yavaşlatmaya çalışsa bile kayalık arazilerde harekete devam etmeni sağlar.Yağmurun seni durdurmasına izin verme; bağcıklarını bağla ve hava şartlarına meydan oku.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Siyah/Dark Smoke Grey/Iron Grey/Siyah
  • Stil: DC8793-001

Ücretsiz Kargo ve İade Olanağı

1600 TL üzerindeki siparişlerde ücretsiz standart kargo.

  • Siparişini hangi nedenle olursa olsun 30 gün içinde ücretsiz olarak iade edebilirsin.

İncelemeler (77)

4.7 Yıldızlar

  • Very low quality details, second use broken heel loop.

    edfbfe65-568f-4a02-b3d3-29ad1770571d - 09 Haz 2022

    The second day I used this, the heel loop rip off, I was waiting more of a trekking shoe. Still very comfortable but I regret expending my money on this low quality product that I fear won’t last.

  • Best shoes for running on/off-road by a country mile!

    537ce859-7af5-4939-b007-f6ed5f358e91 - 25 May 2022

    I have used Nike running shoes for 5 years and usually run on roads in winter whilst in summer I tend to mix road/fields/paths/bridleways. I previously used my road shoes in summer but found the stability just wasn’t there when my ankle hit an angle in the path. This is where these shoes really excel. The sole around the rear of the foot is so much wider and therefore stable, no matter where I run. It’s made such a difference to the run and my speed has improved along with no twisting of the ankle. I went for Gore-Tex due to the early dew on the fields and as usual, summer can get occasionally wet. The feet so far have stayed perfectly dry. On a hot day, I don’t notice any extra build up of heat with the Gore-Tex at all. I was concerned they may get too hot, but there’s no difference as far as I can tell. I would buy the Gore-Tex again over the standard. The best part is that they run great whilst on the road. You don’t feel the weight and the return through the foam is perfect as ever. The toe box is nice and wide, so as I run and my feet swell up slightly my toes have the room to spread out and I don’t pull my toes in at all. This makes them even more comfortable for longer distances. If you’re like me and mix running across paths, fields, roads, bridleways and canal paths, then these are the shoes for you. I would strongly recommend these shoes over others due to the stability and comfort alone!!

  • A Great Upgrade

    7856840443 - 23 Nis 2022

    I have the first generation of Pegasus Trails' and I love them, it's lightweight, waterproofed and its foam outer sole eases all terrain. I had only one problem with them: during a trip to New York, I did around 25.000-30.000 steps each day, outer part of the toe box was in contact with my toes and it caused a bit of pain after the 4th day. When I red about the positive reviews of Trail 3's, I decided to get them since it's one of the best shoes on the market in my humble opinion. They DID improved the shoe. Toe box is wider, the tongue is connected to upper body and uses the same gore-tex material which makes it more waterproofed. If you are ready to try the trail line, this is an excellent option.