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Nike Go FlyEase

Kolayca Giyilip Çıkarılabilen Ayakkabı

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Nike, beklentileri aşarak ayakkabılarını hızlıca ve kolayca giyebileceğin yeni bir yöntem sunuyor. Hem hareket kabiliyeti sınırlı olduğu için ayakkabısını kolayca giymek isteyen, hem de ayakkabıyı daha hızlı giymek isteyenler için idealdir. Nike Go FlyEase, taban da dahil olmak üzere topuk kısmının tamamen açılabildiği bir teknoloji kullanır. Bu sayede ayakkabılarını ellerini kullanmadan giyebilirsin.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Siyah/Anthracite/Elemental Gold/Beyaz
  • Stil: CW5883-003

Ücretsiz Kargo ve İade Olanağı

2.200 TL üzerindeki siparişlerde ücretsiz standart kargo.

  • Siparişini hangi nedenle olursa olsun 30 gün içinde ücretsiz olarak iade edebilirsin.

İncelemeler (27)

3.7 Yıldızlar

  • These Shoes are life-changing!

    M700284873 - 17 Oca 2023

    We got these for my older sister who has a physical disability. When I say these helped improve her overall quality of life, I mean it. She has trouble slipping her feet into traditional shoes, because she can’t control her toes. Usually, her toes get stuck in the angle where your foot transitions from the ankle to mid-shoe, making for a painful and irritating experience when getting dressed. The flex in these sneakers makes it so her morning shoe-routine went from taking almost an hour to only a couple of minutes. The only reason I didn’t give them a 5-star review is because they don’t come in a wide enough size to accommodate her leg braces, so she can’t use them all the time. When they come out in the wider sizes, we plan to buy her every color! Thank you Nike!!

  • Just okay and a little noisy

    Clem672470113 - 05 Oca 2023

    I was excited for this sneaker once I got them. I love that I can just slip them on and off. It’s handy when your carrying something. However, I was a little disappointed by the fit. Depending on the socks, the fit can be loose and can’t be tightened. Also, I’ve been wearing this pair for about six months and the sneakers are still noisy. It kind of embarrassing walking about the quiet office and everyone can hear you coming and going. This is something I was not expecting.

  • #faves

    JaredJ548148090 - 28 Ara 2022

    Fav. / most. comfortable and convenient shoes I’ve ever owned. They’ve made me an flyease go evangelist: I’ve made the sales pitch to everyone I know. My spouse complains that the top textiles look pretty plastic-y, and she’s right. But it doesn’t bother me enough to budge from 5 stars. Add a more natural fabric or even just pure neoprene, and I’ll somehow add a sixth star.