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Giannis Immortality

Basketbol Ayakkabısı


Basketbolun geleceği her pozisyonda oynama üzerine kuruludur ve bu evrimi MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo kadar iyi benimseyen yoktur. Giannis Immortality, Giannis'in çok yönlü oyun tarzını seven ve onun çılgın stiline sahip olmak isteyen oyuncular için üretilmiş bir maç ayakkabısıdır.

  • Gösterilen Renk: Arctic Orange/Light Marine/Light Madder Root/Medium Blue
  • Stil: CZ4099-800

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İncelemeler (49)

3.7 Yıldızlar

  • Comfortable after initial break-in.

    ChrisG50655042 - 24 Tem 2022

    I rarely ever leave reviews but had to leave a good review on this shoe because it is a pretty comfortable shoe after it is broken in from playing basketball for an hour. If you get your normal size shoe it will require some breaking in but I don't mind doing that because I feel like the shoe will last longer. They look really cool and when I played basketball in them I could really feel the court and shift side to side really good. Others have mentioned there is less cushion in the construction but so far I haven't noticed enough of a drop-off because they feel extremely comfortable when jumping and landing. Lastly, they're very light and I can move quicker in these compared to a KD14. Don't get me wrong the KD14's are fun to play in too but if you want to move a little quicker these are the shoes. I give them a solid 8.5 out of 10 mainly due to initial break in requirement. The only cons is they run a smidge tight on the sides but after you break them in they're a killer shoe. Tip: Load the shoe up with some socks overnight to help break them in faster. Over and out. Just Do IT!

  • Poorly made

    DeeAnnE64058504 - 27 Haz 2022

    Worn about two months - not even half the basketball season. Completely shredded and fell apart during a game. Would not recommend.

  • Not real happy

    26d53d44-c9fe-468c-b614-cc66a02ca8a3 - 13 May 2022

    These look really nice and my son loves them. However, he was walking down the hall today and one of them just ripped. They are not even 6 months old. I really didn’t expect that from Nikes. I did reach out to customer service and was told I could return them for a courtesy inspection, but what is he supposed to wear in the meantime? These aren’t terribly expensive but when I got them I expected them to last a while.