Nike Brasilia

เป้สะพายหลัง/กระเป๋า Duffel เทรนนิ่งปรับเปลี่ยนได้

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THB 1,900
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เป้สะพายหลัง/กระเป๋า Duffel เทรนนิ่งปรับเปลี่ยนได้ Nike Brasilia สุดทนทาน โดดเด่นด้วยช่องใส่ของหลักที่กว้างขวางสำหรับอุปกรณ์กีฬาทั้งหมดตามต้องการ ให้คุณเตรียมพร้อมได้ตลอดวัน มีสายรัดอเนกประสงค์ที่ให้สะพายได้ราวกับเป้สะพายหลังที่เหนือไหล่เหมือนกระเป๋า Duffel แบบคลาสสิก

  • สีที่แสดง: ดำ/ดำ/Metallic Gold
  • สไตล์: BA6395-011

รีวิว (4)

4.3 ดาว

Sort of what I expected

K D. - 07 ก.ค. 2563

I was looking for a not too large bag for gym gear, one that could be used as a duffle and a backpack and this one fit the bill. Whilst certainly a useful size, it isn't too big, if that makes any sense at all. At 193cm tall, when the bag is on one shoulder with the straps in 'as delivered' length, the end of the bag sits just above where a jeans back pocket would be. Chosen for not having a divided interior, it does have a useful mesh pocket at one end and a zipped pocket at the other. Neither are really suitable for a water bottle so whatever bottle you use needs to be watertight as it will be in with your gear! As always with bags, they are always pictured fully stuffed and perfectly formed. In reality though, the bag does have a tendency to collapse in on itself and this is down to not having any support structure or because it uses very thin and flexible material. I always thin it's a shame when with a little thought and design, a bag could be self-supporting in shape. Straps are long enough and comfortable and there is a as yet unused base pocket which runs the length and width of the bag, not deep enough for shoes but ideal for a towel I suppose. Don't get me wrong, it is a decent bag but with a few tweaks it be an excellent bag.... I almost wished I had sourced an Alpha Adapt Crossbody Duffle in size 52L because that at least looks semi-rigid.

Item looks great but still to long

KhunalR917913418 - 08 มิ.ย. 2563

The quality is great but the picture is deceiving, the bad is quite long

The Duffel

B A. - 25 พ.ค. 2563

I am amazed at the bargain I found on here with this duffel bag. I love the size of it, and cannot wait to use it for travel purposes.