Nike React Miler 2 Shield


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  • สีที่แสดง: ดำ/Total Orange/Indigo Burst/Redstone
  • สไตล์: DC4064-003

รีวิว (6)

3.7 ดาว

  • Water resistant, comfortable

    13903936038 - 11 เม.ย. 2565

    As long as you're not jumping in puddles that submerge your feet, they work. I'm a referee for soccer in New York and the weather has been terrible on the weekends from March till now. For the past 2 weeks these shoes have kept my feet dry, they're comfortable (I run upwards of 30 miles during the weekend for refereeing) and the traction is great. I didn't want to purchase cleats since I am running so much, these get the job done. I usually don't write reviews, but I am very happy with these.

  • knarfl261415862 - 10 มี.ค. 2565

    Absolutely no protection from the rain. My feet were soaked through in about 10 seconds

  • Love these kicks. Winter base mile perfection

    JethroHolman - 21 ธ.ค. 2564

    I fucking love these kicks. The traction is great on damp pavement, they’re super stable, no stress about puddles, plump cushion but not a cloud vibe, and the toe box is super roomy. Granted they’re not gonna win races, but who’s racing on damp winters evenings anyway? It’s time to get the base miles in and prepare for spring. Save the carbon for your Sunday best, your blades will feel all the sweeter after building strong foundations in the Miler. Cheers Nike