Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2


THB 5,119
THB 6,400
ส่วนลด 20%
Electric Green/Bio Beige/Phantom/ดำ
ขาว/Blue Void/Football Grey/Photo Blue
Thunder Grey/Stellar Indigo/Pumice/ดำ
ดำ/Atmosphere Grey/ขาว/Pink Blast
Bright Crimson/Gym Red/Cedar/Mahogany

Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 ปรับโฉมด้วยส่วนบนที่เบาดั่งขนนก พร้อมโฟมล้ำนวัตกรรมให้การตอบสนองแบบปฏิวัติวงการเพื่อการเทรนนิ่งระยะไกล

  • สีที่แสดง: Bright Crimson/Gym Red/Cedar/Mahogany
  • สไตล์: AT2863-600

รีวิว (136)

3.4 ดาว

Poor quality - not durable

henyewest - 04 ม.ค. 2564

In total I have owned over 3 pairs of these shoes. From a comfort level they are great but every single one had the same issues arise. After 3-4 months of wearing.....some not even for working out or running...the mid-sole started cracking and coming off the upper portion of the shoe. I thought it was just the particular shoe i had but after it happened to the 2nd pair i knew it was a design flaw as well as poor quality shoe. Hoping the next zoom flyknit fairs better,

Zoom zoom trubo

R A. - 04 ม.ค. 2564

This is my second pair, I clocked 700km on the first. The zoom turbo technology provides great comfort and responsiveness on the bounce. I like it a lot!

TrudiH765696264 - 11 ธ.ค. 2563

DO NOT BUY!My daughter who’s a runner bought the previous model of these shoes she’s had them for nearly a year and the soles starting to come off her friend who’s also a runner bought the newer model the ones in the picture and 3-4 months in the sole is coming off.DO NOT BUY!