Nike AF 1/1


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  • สีที่แสดง: ขาว/ขาว/ขาว/ขาว
  • สไตล์: CV1758-100

รีวิว (20)

4.2 ดาว

Interesting customization

LT - 02 มิ.ย. 2564

These shoes are comfortable and true to size. If you like changing your shoe style and color around these shoes will be the one for you. The only con about the shoe is that the edge of the flaps doesn't stick on too well so it looks like the logos are coming off. I was able to wear these all day long with no pain or rubbing on my ankles. You can make atleast 6 different styles with these shoes and more. These were perfect shoes for me to take traveling as I can switch up different designs to match my outfit and just bring 1 shoes.

Not my Jam

Lynz - 29 พ.ค. 2564

The Nike Air Force 1/1 was definitely a creative shoe that you can customize/ design the way you want. The removable patches on the shoes were very cool and once switched out with the other pieces that came with the shoes, you’ll have a totally different looking shoe. Along with the shoes itself, you can also find black shoe strings, black Nike swooshes, and black Nike AF1 labels. With the shoes being Velcro in some areas I did notice that hair from myself or my animals would get stuck in it and it was a hassle to have to keep cleaning them out. You also have to make sure you press the edges down real good so they stick. The shoes look boxy to me. The fit was ok, but narrow in the toe area. They were comfortable for my heel and arch area. I was able to lace the shoes up all the way, tighten them around my foot and also loosen them if need be and be comfortable to walk in. The shoes has a nice grip on the floor I didn’t feel like I would slip while wearing them. It is very obvious that the shoes are not the original Air Forces. They just have a bulky boxy look to them that I personally didn’t care for. All in all the shoes are nice to be able to customize with the different pieces but their not aesthetically pleasing to me.

Swoosh n’ Velcro it!

HipsterDaddy - 29 พ.ค. 2564

In with the new and out with the old is what many say when sporting some new kicks. Retro styles never get outdated, they always find their way back amongst people of different ages, styles and the avid shoe collector who yearns for the classic old school shoe. The Nike AF 1/1 does just that. It brings a classic shoe to the forefront with a clean modern update for those who like innovative designs but still want a touch of the classics incorporated into their style. Whether you’re the basic jeans, tee and sneakers kind of person. This shoe with its interchangeable shoe laces, velcro parts and swooshes allows you to dress them up with just the right pop of color to your ensemble for the day. Now let’s talk fit because we all want to wear a shoe that is supportive and comfortable. The sizing runs big length wise. Average in width, even for those who have wide feet. You shouldn’t have a problem rocking these shoes if width is a concern, don’t let the slim design fool you, they are roomy. I do advise to size down since they run big in length. The sole is solid, not as flexible as a running shoe, but it is comfortable due to the cushioned insoles. I wore them throughout the day and my feet didn’t hurt or seem to bother me in any way. I wasn’t running in them but wore them to go out to dinner and run errands around town. They are a bit on the heavier side if you’re into lightweight shoes though. Overall I think it’s a great shoe and the the new design didn’t compromise the integrity of the original design. One thing that I really liked about the shoe is the interchangeable Nike swoosh. Going from white to black is pretty cool! It’s like having two different pairs of shoes. Personally I prefer to switch out the swoosh, the detachable leather velcro in the back above the heel and the one on the tongue of the shoe to make it pop. Having the back bare and exposing the plain velcro with the embroidered Nike AF 1/1 is also something I liked about the shoe. It’s neutral but different at the same time which makes them stand out. The only thing I would change about this shoe is the removable leather velcro on the entire shoe. You can’t customize the rest of the shoe and therefore it’s kind of pointless unless you want wear them bare with the other leather velcro attachments. The shoe is white and all the removable parts attract dirt and I can foresee dirt getting trapped in between all the seams. That’s one flaw I see in the shoe and something I would change. The concept for the design is great, very unique and it would appeal to the young generation and shoe enthusiasts such as myself.