Nike Football


This shirt's design is dominated by a pattern with deep roots in Dellafuente's hometown of Grenada—the Nasrid mosaic motif. This ancient Hispano-Muslim art is found in La Alhambra, an historic Arab palace that sits proudly at the heart of Granada's cultural heritage.


The crest contains several meaningful symbols. First, the moon and the star side by side, refer to the Muslim and Jewish cultures co-existing in peace. Secondly, the pomegranate refers to the province of Granada, and an old-school football completes the trio of central icons. The eight-pointed stars around the crest's border are an age-old Arab emblem found in architecture across Dellafuente's homeland.


The word "family" appears on the left breast, over the heart, a word with deep meaning and importance to both Dellafuente and LATIGO. Across the midriff, the new LATIGO logo uses the same typeface as the Spanish road network—a nod to the miles travelled by the team. Finally, on the sleeves sit the two founding parties of Dellafuente F.C.: the artist's logo on the right and LATIGO's on the left.