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Club 3rd Kit How to Wear

How to Wear Your Kit

The shirt is the centrepiece of any footballer's closet. But they're typically bright pieces and can require some finessing to work with an outfit. Nike stylist Neelo Noory gives you tips to look the freshest in your club's kits.

Club 3rd Kit How to Wear

Layers on Layers

For easy transitioning throughout the day, try layering sleeves under the kit. "Pairing with athletic apparel is a no-brainer", Noory says. "Mixing in more technical fabrics, ones that offer perhaps some structure or show off shape, look the sharpest". And remember, "Having an easy-to-remove top layer like a jumper or windbreaker is key".

Club 3rd Kit How to Wear

Keep It Basic

Not all kit designs are created equal. Look at the bright 2018-19 Barcelona away kit compared to the dark Corinthians shirt. Both gorgeous, but worn totally differently. When in doubt, take Noory's tips: if the kit is bright, pair with basics. More of a subtle shirt? "Stick to neutrals", she says. "Or go full with a monochrome outfit".

Club 3rd Kit How to Wear

Kicks And Kits

When it comes to pairing sneakers with your kit, Noory lays it out: "You can never go wrong with an AF-1". Or, if you're down with colours, she says, "I'm also partial to the AM270—especially the colourways with a pop colour air pocket".