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Nike+ Running app is now the Nike+ Run Club app WHAT'S NEW


Here's what's included in the new
version of the Nike+ Run Club
app (v5.1.0):

-Revised post-run sharing flow makes it easier to share to your
favorite social networks.

-Runs will now sync to Apple Health app.

-Preferences will now be retained after upgrade.

-Fixed a bug checking off Coach runs in your plan.

-The new run summary includes all of your data on a single screen
to make viewing and sharing easier.
APPLE MUSIC INTEGRATION -The new app is built for seamless integration with Apple Music.

-Apple Music now features weekly, curated Nike+ Run Club
playlists designed for every run.

-Runners can find Nike Running in Apple Music's Curated Playlists

APPLE WATCH OS3 UPDATES -Apple Watch Series 2 and Apple Watch Nike+ watches will fully
track your route using GPS – whether you run with your phone
or not.

-Updated display of your running metrics at a glance.

-Hear audio readouts right from your watch.

-Smart invitations to run, personalized for you.

-Schedule run reminders to keep you motivated.

-Start, Pause, Resume and End your run with Siri.



WHAT'S NEW ABOUT COACHING? -Whether you're training to unlock your next race PR, or just
looking to get started and get your stride right, we've got you
covered. We've added the 15K distance to our race plans, new
programs for runners looking to "Get Started," and a brand new
"Get More Fit" plan to get you running and training with the
Nike+ Run Club app.
-The Nike+ Coach is designed to deliver your very own
personalized coaching plan, regardless of your goal.
-Our new coaching plans now adapt weekly to optimize your
program so you can reach your goal, even when you miss a
few days.
-We know that your schedule can change on any given week,
and we've made it so your program can, too. Simply hit the
"edit schedule" button to drag and drop workouts to the days of
the week that work best for you.

-Unfortunately, we are not able to continue your current
programs from the Nike+ Running app. If you had an active
Coach program at the time of our app upgrade, then you can
download a PDF of your program directly from the Training
Plan hub at



HOW DO CHALLENGES WORK? -The new Nike+ Run Club app features a new way to motivate your
friends and join other runners around the globe through #hashtag
-#hashtag leaderboards will show you how many other
Nike+ members with their privacy settings set to "Public" are
participating in the group and how many miles have been shared
using that hashtag.
-To create a new #hashtag leaderboard, just come up with your
unique hashtag (e.g. #Run100miles), and share it with your friends.
The best way to spread the word is to include the hashtag in your
post-run share to the Nike+ Feed.
-All hashtag challenges are public and may be joined by any
Nike+ member with their privacy settings set to public. There's no
upper limit on the number of people who can compare, compete or
collaborate on challenges, so spread the word.
-#hashtag leaderboards can be filtered by Week, Month and Year. -To see the entire global community leaderboard for a #hashtag
challenge, make sure your Nike+ profile settings are set to "Public."

CAN I CONTINUE CHALLENGES FROM THE NIKE+ RUNNING APP? -Challenges that were started in our Nike+ Running app
experience will not be carried over to our new
Nike+ Run Club app.
-The "Challenges chat" functionality that existed in our old
app experience will not be carried over to our new app.



WHAT IS THE FEED? -The Feed is the place to follow your friends' activities across
Nike+ Run Club and Nike+ Training Club, so you can get motivated
and stay inspired for your next workout. Every time you share to the
Feed, your Nike+ friends will be able to cheer and comment on
your run.
-The Feed is also where you have inside access to all things
running. You can find Pro Tips from Nike+ Run Club Coaches,
Pacers and Nike elite athletes, plus exclusive content, like featured
playlists curated for your next run. You will also gain access to live
events and special offers for products and services designed to help
you unlock your potential.
-It's never been easier to share your photos, routes or custom
posters. We've updated sharing in a big way to help you tell your
running story even better than before. We're integrated with native
sharing extensions so you can share to any app on your phone,
including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Messages
and others.
-Our new Nike+ Run Club app does not automatically share to social
networks like the Nike+ Running app used to. That means you'll have
full control over what gets shared on your behalf. Remember that all
shares must also include an image.

WHAT ARE THE NEW OPTIONS FOR SHARING MY RUN? -Over the last few years, our runners have shared millions
of amazing photos from their runs, and we're excited to offer
a whole new suite of stickers you can use to customize
your running route, photo or new poster.
-After your run, you can choose to share your running route,
along with a photo from your camera roll or a custom poster
featuring a background we've designed. This way, you'll always
have something epic to share with your friends in the Feed.
-See how high you climbed or how hard your heart was pumping
with new data-driven stickers. Tell the story of your run with
elevation graphs, a route map, the local weather icon and
more—all created using real data from your run.
-In addition to photo sharing, you can also create your own
captions, title your runs, and tag your friends and the location of
your runs. You can also @mention a friend to call them out for
missing out and inspire their next run. Any friend @mentioned or
tagged on the run will be notified via their Inbox.
-The new Nike+ Run Club app does not support auto-sharing to
social networks. Any post you share must include an image,
route or poster.



WHERE CAN I FIND MY PRS AND CURRENT RUN LEVEL COLOR? -Your personal records and run level color are easily accessible
from the top of Activity History—just swipe to the right.

CAN I STILL FIND MY TROPHIES? -We have moved your Achievements, Trophies and Milestones
to a better home on to make room for other
improvements coming soon.



WHY DO I NEED TO LOG IN? -Our new Nike+ Run Club app experience will be able to
serve runners better than ever before, but in order to
provide a personalized coaching plan, and access to the
best of Nike Running, we need to know who is logging all
of those miles!



HAVE SOME THINGS MOVED AROUND? -It's never been easier to quickly start your run with confidence that
your GPS signal is being recorded accurately. We've also optimized
the in-run screen to give you better control of your key metrics while
you run. To cycle between distances, duration, pace and heart rate,
just tap the in-run screen one time—it will automatically move to the
next metric.
-We've moved your total mileage counter to the top of your Activity
history. Don't worry, all your miles are safe and sound.
WHY DID NIKE CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE APP? -We've made it easier to find the things you care about the most as
a runner and removed any obstacles between you and the start
button. Let's go run!
-We've also created a consistent user experience across all of our
Nike+ apps and introduced some new features, such as the Feed,
Inbox and Club sections that are accessible anywhere—whether in
the Nike+ Run Club app, Nike+ Training Club app or Nike+ app.

WHERE CAN I ACCESS MY COACHING PROGRAM? -Your Nike+ Coach plan is easily accessible from the main
landing page of our app. Tap on the "My Coach" tab text to
find out what your Coach run prescription is for the day.
WHAT'S THE CLUB? -The Club tab in our app is the best place to see what's happening
with your crew and the global Nike+ Run Club community. It's
where your friend Leaderboard can be found, along with
opportunities to connect with other Nike+ users at live events and
community challenges through #hashtags. Discover a new group
or challenge to join in the search section.
WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SHOE TAGS? -We've made some exciting changes to how we capture and
store shoe mileage, including a new library of running shoes to
choose from. Unfortunately, that means we can't carry over your
miles on your old shoes.