Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3

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Svart/Vit/University Red

Skon Nike Renew Retaliation TR 3 tar omslutning ett steg längre med ett bågformat stöd på en omdesignad sula. Mjukt, fjädrande skummaterial gör att den känns bekväm när du tar dig genom klassbaserade träningspass. Skosnörena sitter fast i stöd som håller nere mellanfoten säkert under konditionsträning, kroppsviktsträning och allt däremellan.

  • Färg som visas: Svart/Anthracite/Vit
  • Stil: DA1350-003

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Recensioner (25)

4.4 Stjärnor

Great all-around workout shoes

Eric - 18 jan. 2022

I use these only for workouts which include moderate weight lifting, jump rope, and some lateral movements. So far they are really comfortable and supportive. No area is too tight or too loose. There isn’t unnecessary friction. These shoes are good to go.

Decent shoe for short term use

Shatt2014 - 24 nov. 2021

The first thing that struck me about these shoes was that I didn't notice there to be a very good Arch in fact they seemed quite flat. It may just be personal preference but I I always like to have an arch in my athletic footwear. The toe box is snug but comfortable where I found the heel to be a bit more week and unsupportive. It made it uncomfortable to stand in these for any length of time. I noticed that the laces seemed a little bit too fat for the holes and although this might be part of the style it made it hard to tighten the shoes as I typically would. The style and look of them are great my only issue really is with the ability to wear these all day long if I were on my feet a lot. If I could add an arch support and the ability to tighten them to my liking I think these would actually be a great fit for my lifestyle.

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GREAT shoes for looking cool while keeping active

E S - 23 nov. 2021

When you think of Nike, you think of quality, athletic yet aesthetic, form and function. The Renew Retaliation 3 Men’s Training Shoes are just one more pair of knockout shoes from Nike, and what you’ve come to expect from the brand. The appearance and feel of the shoe are sleek; there aren’t any loose pieces to catch debris or become a hazard when walking or training. They moved from street to court to gym with ease, and they are snazzy enough to wear to a day of school while also being perfect for an afternoon at the gym doing dry land exercises… and we* did all of those things. Each person’s feet are unique, so the gripes we had may be perks for someone else. It was a bit difficult and almost constricting to actually put the shoe on the foot. This may have been due to the newness of the shoe and may resolve with some breaking-in, but what we REALLY wish we could have tried are these shoes, but in a Wide fit. They were perfect and comfortable once worn, but those first few minutes of putting the shoes on and lacing them were moderately uncomfortable (we actually ripped a sock). The laces had a smooth texture that made them easy to unlace, relace, loosen, tighten, and tie. We honestly loved the arch support (I tried my teenager’s shoes on; despite them being several sizes too large, I really liked the supportive arch and cushiony foam) and the Nike Renew foam is a great feature, especially to absorb the force of movement and jumps. The mesh in the body of the shoe left our feet feeling like they could “breathe” which is great when the rest of you is sweaty and hot! The bottom of the shoes felt grippy enough to maintain traction whether you’re on a gym floor, outdoors, or walking into a swim team locker room! The only thing we’d change about the shoe would be the ability to get it in a width Wide. That seems like it might provide a better fit in our case, and be more inclusive. Other than that, we think these shoes are great (and mom wishes she had her own pair!). *the “we” here is my teenager providing their opinion, and myself writing it. Teenagers. If you have one, you know!

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