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Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2


1 599 kr

Ta täten i supelätta Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2.Kombinationen av den innovativa spikplattan och den minimala, anatomiskt anpassade ovandelen gör skon försvinnande lätt så att du kan fokusera på mållinjen.

  • Färg som visas: Vit/Svart/Hyper Jade/Flash Crimson
  • Stil: 835998-100

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Recensioner (3)

4.3 Stjärnor

  • Distance Runner

    CrisHrun - 31 mars 2020

    As I was at my race these spikes comfort felt great, and plus the weight is perfect. Practically when you run you feel free and comfort with theses spikes.

  • The Best Mid Distance Spike.

    EthanEnnis - 27 feb. 2020

    I ran my previous season in the Victory 3's so naturally I made the progression to the Victory Elite 2, and I would definitely say that it is a more extreme spike, as it's essentially just a harder, more responsive, version of the Victory 3. I have run in this spike from (4x)400m all the way up to the 5000m, focusing on the 1600m & 800m, and I would say that this spike is fantastic at 800m+, if you have not run in the Victory 3's I would run in them first and then switch to the Elite later (like next year), unless you're an 800m runner, in which case I would say make the switch because you will really feel the positives of the carbon fiber plate, without the potential pain/irritation others could feel at longer events.

  • You can't remove the spikes

    KatisRunning - 25 aug. 2016

    I love the spikes they are so pretty and lightweight. However you cannot remove the spikes they are built in!

    Produkten har erhållits utan kostnad eller recenserats som del av en utlottning/gåva.