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Nike Sports Bras
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    Why Should I Wear A Sports Bra, Anyway?

    It’s all about minimising that bounce; sports bras reduce breast motion, so the right one means you’ll be able to workout more comfortably. Getting good support from your bra lets you focus on your form, so it’s important to find your perfect fit.

    So, What’s My Size?

    Bra sizing isn’t an exact science as depending on bra style and your time of the month your size can fluctuate. But don’t worry, we’ve got you. Many of our bras use Alpha sizing so you can group multiple band and cup sizes into one, so you’re more likely to find a bra that fits. Or we recommend trying on a few sizes either size of your regular and checking the fit using the video below.

    How Do I Check the Fit?

    No matter what your size or the style of your bra, always follow these simple steps to check the fit. Tick every step off the list and you can feel confident that your sports bra’s got your back (and your front).

    What Support Is Right For Me?

    You must ask yourself two things: What exercise am I doing + What size are my breasts?

    Low impact sports (yoga, pilates, barre) create little bounce so a light support bra is best. Medium impact sports (dance, weight lifting, hiking) create more bounce, so a medium support bra will keep your chest firm. High impact sports (running, basketball, netball, football) suit a high support bra as the bounce is real.

    However, size plays a major role. Women with a D+ cup, we’re talking to you here. You’ll feel much more comfortable in medium and high support bras, no matter what the activity.

    Compare Sports Bras

    Let’s Talk High Support

    High support is for anything that creates bounce; runners, you know what we’re talking about! If you’re a D cup and above then a high support bra is what you’ll feel most comfortable in, no matter what.

    Nike Alpha UltraBreathe

    This bra actually helps repel sweat, making it perfect for a run or a high-intensity workout. There’s nothing worse than a wet bra holding you back. Whenever trying on a bra that fastens with a clasp, always try it on using the loosest setting so you know there’s room to tighten it if the elastic stretches.

    Let’s Talk Medium Support

    A medium support bra is for training, cycling, hiking, weightlifting, dancing and anything that makes your chest move, without excessive bounce. Women with a D+ cup often wear medium support for yoga and pilates too, for a little extra comfort.

    Nike Swoosh UltraBreathe

    It’s all about airflow with the Swoosh Ultrabreathe. The mesh fabric allows your body to cool off, while the coverage helps you feel supported as you move. Watch this video to see how it should fit against your body.

    Let’s Talk Light Support

    Light support is for activities where your breasts will barely bounce, such as yoga, pilates and stretching. They’re especially good for smaller busted women (A - D). They’re often super soft and comfortable so it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

    Nike Indy UltraBreathe

    This is our ultimate bra for keeping cool. Everything about the Indy is designed to feel light, free and soft. The fabric will help repel sweat from the body, so even during hot yoga or an intense pilates class you can feel weightless and free. Watch this video to see how it should fit against your body.

    How To Care For Your Sports Bra

    There's innovation and science stitched into every seam of your sports bra. Here’s how to treat it with care and extend its life.

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    Whip it off, rinse it out

    Sweat and bacteria is bad for your bra, so do the whip and rinse straight after a workout.

    Hand Wash or Delicate Cycle at 30ºC

    The fibres are delicate, so hand wash is recommended. If you must machine-wash then do up all clasps, remove pads and always use a wash bag.

    Lay flat to dry

    Hanging bras by their straps will stretch them out. Lay them down and let them breathe. Never dry on a radiator and never tumble-dry.

    Time for a refresh?

    Replace your sports bra every 6-12 months, or as soon as the strap or band elastic loses shape. Always get refitted if you’ve changed size or gone through pregnancy.

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