The Best Nike Gear to Wear Camping

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To get the most out of a trip off the grid, discover the right gear to stay warm, dry and protected from the elements.

Last updated: 27 May 2022
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The Best Camping Outfits for Men and Women

When you picture the ultimate camping trip, you might imagine a roaring campfire, delicious snacks or midnight stargazing before cosying up in your sleeping bag. But for any camping trip to be successful, it's essential to pack the right gear. Read on below to find the best Nike camping outfits and gear to make every excursion one to remember.

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8 Outfit Essentials for Any Camping Trip

First, a word on layering: pack them—lots of them. It's common for temperatures to fluctuate during a camping trip, and it's important to regulate body temperature with light, moisture-wicking fabrics to avoid overheating during the day and warm outer layers to keep from shivering at night.

1. Nike Dri-FIT Base Layer

Nike Dri-FIT tees are designed to pull sweat away from the skin for quicker evaporation, helping you to stay dry and comfortable while hiking or being active in the sun. Tops designed for runners are lightweight and breathable, making them a versatile pick for a camping trip.

Base your sleeve length on the conditions. Nike Dri-FIT running tops come in sleeveless, short-sleeve and long-sleeve styles. For added skin protection, try a UV-protective top and make sure you apply high-quality sun cream on any exposed skin.

2. Moisture-Wicking Bottoms

Pair a lightweight top with sweat-wicking shorts or trousers made from durable fabrics. Nike All Conditions Gear (ACG) bottoms are specifically built for outdoor adventuring. The collection is constructed with high-performance, recycled polyester fabric. The materials are made from plastic bottles that have been cleaned, shredded into flakes, converted into pellets and spun into high-quality yarn. Nike ACG trail trousers and shorts feature functional pockets for storage, and come in prints inspired by nature.

3. Warm Top Layer

Once the sun goes down, opt for a fleece or hoodie to keep warm. The Nike Tech Fleece Collection features soft and warm fabrics without adding extra bulk, meaning they can be packed without taking up too much space.

4. Cosy Bottom Layer

Just as you'll want a warm top layer, the same goes for bottoms. Chances are you'll be grateful to strip off those lightweight trail shorts or trousers and change into a thicker pair of joggers or fleece trousers for night-time. The ACG Collection carries plenty of comfy options, as does Nike Tech Fleece (you can pair bottoms with a matching top for a complete set, if that's your thing).

5. Durable Socks

A good pair of socks can help prevent chafing and blisters. Nike offers socks in a variety of heights and materials, including wool styles for colder weather and Dri-FIT socks, which are quick drying to keep sweaty feet comfortable. If you're wearing hiking boots that cover the ankle, opt for a pair of crew socks to protect the skin from rubbing against the boot.

6. Hat

For UV protection and reducing glare from the sun, make sure you pack a lightweight, breathable baseball cap, as well as a pair of sunglasses. If you have room in your pack and anticipate colder temperatures in the evening, consider bringing a beanie for extra warmth.

7. Weatherproof Jacket

When checking the forecast before heading on your trip, consider the most appropriate outerwear to have on hand. Nike ACG has a range of different jackets that help protect against the elements, including windproof styles, waterproof shells and insulated jackets that are designed to hold in warmth even when wet.

As a bonus, some ACG styles, like the Nike ACG Therma-FIT ADV 'Rope De Dope', are designed to be packable. This jacket can fold up into one of its own pockets for easy, compact carrying.

8. Waterproof Footwear

Finally, if the camping trip involves hiking on unpaved trails or other uneven surfaces, wear a pair of durable hiking shoes with traction and waterproof features. Trail-running shoes provide ample cushioning and grip to withstand challenging terrain, as do ACG shoes.

For the toughest conditions, opt for the Nike Pegasus Trail GORE-TEX, which is made to repel water and keep feet dry. Plus, it has an additional gaiter on the collar that keeps extra debris and water from getting inside the shoe.

Tip: Tying and untying hiking shoes around the campsite can be a hassle. Bring a pair of flip-flops or slides for comfort and convenience when hanging out around the tent or caravan.

Happy camping!

Words by Jennifer Davis-Flynn

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