The Best Nike Running Jackets and Gilets to Wear All Season

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These jackets shield runners from the elements without adding bulk. Check out the best Nike running jackets for all types of weather.

Last updated: 22 August 2022
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The Best Nike Running Jackets and Vests

When jumper weather rolls around, it's time to find a layer to help keep you warm during chilly outdoor runs. The best running jackets provide enough protection to shield you from the elements but won't feel cumbersome or get in the way of your stride.

Lightweight and breathable (but still insulative), Nike running jackets are engineered to help athletes perform at their peak—whatever the forecast. Check out these top Nike running jackets and gilets.

1. Nike Cold-Weather Insulated Running Gilets

With soft inner linings, Nike Therma-FIT running gilets help manage body temperature when hitting the trail or track in cooler conditions. Here's a breakdown of a few different styles Nike offers:

  • Nike Therma-FIT Running Gilet: You can't go wrong with a classic. With a fleece-lined collar and a lightweight construction, this women's running gilet is made to help runners rack up miles while staying comfortable in chilly weather.
  • Nike Therma-FIT Repel Wild Run Gilet: This men's running gilet features a water-resistant outer shell that can be worn inside out: one side features reflective design elements, while the other has quilted fabric.
  • Nike Therma-FIT ADV Gilet: This women's style offers an advanced heat-regulating design that'll keep you going through cool weather. When you need to layer down, the gilet can be packed into itself for easy carrying.
  • Nike Therma-FIT ADV Repel Gilet: This men's gilet features an adaptable venting system and quick-access zips, so runners can adjust their gilet's coverage and breathability on the go.

2. Nike Reflective-Design Running Jackets

If you're planning to run at night or early in the morning, opt for bright, reflective-design outer layers. Bear in mind, low visibility can also occur in the daytime during inclement weather.

Available in Nike Therma-FIT (insulative), Nike Dri-FIT (sweat-wicking) and Nike ADV (weatherproof) technology, these reflective-design running jackets are engineered to keep a runner comfortable and warm in icy temperatures or heavy rainfall. And each garment is lined with a contrasting, reflective-design material that can be seen when visibility is low.

3. Nike Running Rain Jackets

Running in the rain can be a welcome, refreshing reprieve for athletes accustomed to hot training sessions. Nike wet-weather running jackets help athletes stay dry as they rack up miles, with hoods that stay snug on the head. Nike ADV waterproof technology on the jacket's outer shell repels water droplets.

Some wet-weather running jackets from Nike feature special GORE-TEX technology, which is a waterproof, microporous material that repels water and shields its wearer from the elements—perfect for tackling tough, rainy runs on the roads or trails.

4. Nike Insulated Running Jackets

Insulated running jackets from Nike are engineered to help athletes crush their running goals, even when temperatures are low.

For starters, each insulated running jacket contains a soft, breathable inner fabric (called Nike Therma-FIT technology) that helps circulate and disperse an athlete's natural body heat. These jackets provide ample perforation with mesh linings and vents to keep air moving and sweat drying.

5. Nike Running Windbreakers

The best running windbreakers are insulative and protective, while being breathable at the same time. Nike running windbreakers tick all of those boxes. Runners can access their belongings in easy-to-reach pockets. Plus, Nike windbreakers are lightweight—perfect for layering down and packing away when the weather warms up.

Words by Julia Sullivan, ACE-certified CPT

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