Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase

Кроссовки для тренинга

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Pro Green/Черный/Washed Teal/Мультиколор
Chile Red/Magic Ember/Белый/Черный
Черный/Particle Grey/Белый/Чистая платина

Прочные кроссовки Nike Metcon 7 FlyEase стабилизируют стопу, позволяя тебе выкладываться на силовых тренировках.Легкая и упругая амортизация обеспечивает комфорт при подъеме весов, интервалах высокой интенсивности и пробежках на короткие дистанции.Кроссовки для тренинга со складной конструкцией пятки можно надевать без помощи рук.

  • Цвет модели: Черный/Particle Grey/Белый/Чистая платина
  • Модель: DH3344-010

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  • Сидит очень плотно; рекомендуем заказывать модель на полразмера больше

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Отзывы (33)

4.4 Звёзд

  • Not bad. Not great.

    9424279443 - 07 мая 2022 г.

    I was worried how tight they would secure with Velcro and was correct. They work well for lifting but speed/agility work I would stick to laces. Also feel the heel is not secure enough. If you like a snug fit stick to laces.

  • Wide feet beware

    1000420007 - 02 мая 2022 г.

    Usually wear a 10 in Nike with ease. These are so tight that even with the velcro completely undone, my entire front foot is cramped. People with duck feet like me should probably look elsewhere. Great looking shoe and cool concept though

  • I LOVE these shoes

    nathan1255 - 21 февр. 2022 г.

    I work from home. I’m on calls a lot so I dress normally during work hours. Jeans and a polo shirt. That kind of thing. But not shoes, because we don’t wear shoes in the house. So I would wear flip flops around. Which always felt weird. I have worn Metcons for years and they have always fit well. So I got these as an experiment as “house shoes” and I freaking LOVE them. Step in. Slip out. Wide and stable like my other Metcons. I wear them all day and for anything I do in the house. I ride my exercise bike in these a lot. I wear them walking on my treadmill or lifting. I don’t do full CrossFit style workouts using these. For that I pull out my lace-up Metcons. The step in ones will slip on the heel a little and I prefer the full stability of the lace up pair for that. But I have a bad knee and need flat, stable shoes for everything else I do, even just walking around. And for literally everything besides a full CrossFit WOD, these are what I wear and I love them.