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NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro

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As NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor Pro pegam em tudo o que adoras das NikeCourt Air Zoom Vapor X e tornam-no mais leve e sustentado. O design de três camadas proporciona respirabilidade, estabilidade e durabilidade onde são mais necessárias, reduzindo o peso ao máximo.

  • Cor apresentada: Dark Raisin/Branco/Preto/Copa
  • Estilo: CZ0222-524

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Avaliações (18)

4.5 Estrelas

Great shoe right out of the box!

Diane R. - 28/05/2021

I use these shoes for Pickleball. I play at least 5 days a week, 3 hours a day. I need a comfortable shoe that lasts. I was drawn to these because of the lace set up. It’s off to side and doesn’t bother the top of my foot near big toe. The toe box is not narrow as most Nike usually are, it feels perfect. I didn’t have to break in. They are a good looking shoe and nice color. They offer great support and lightweight. I may get another pair in a different color!!

Asymmetrical design: cute but lacking support

Court L - 27/05/2021

Overall this is a pretty decent shoe and the size is a true fit. The form is sturdy and stiff, although the design of the shoe is asymmetrical, causing a asymmetrical or uneven support on the top of the foot. I’m 33 and I guess to the age where I need support in my shoes to brace my aging knees and ankles. The off-center design gives a nice look from the top of the shoe, but it provides support on the outer side of the top of the foot, near the smaller toes. I didn’t realize how important having support above the ball of my foot (near my big toe) is to my ultimate stability in an athletic shoe, and this shoe is lacking there. This shoe is definitely one you could wear all day if you’re out running errands or doing some mild activity, but it doesn’t provide me with the support I want for an active day or a workout. As it’s on, it just simply feels off center and maybe I would get used to it after weeks of wear. However, I’ve worn it for 3 days straight and still can tell it feels off. If I could simply straighten out the area where the laces are to be like that of a traditional shoe, I would be singing this shoe’s praises because I really like the firm material it’s made of. The heel and sides of the shoe are comfortable, sturdy, supportive and very cute.

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Comfortable and Secure Fit

Kjo1326 - 21/05/2021

I love the color and design of these Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Pros. They are very comfortable and have a secure fit. Shoes run true to size for tennis shoes. The angled lace up kind of threw me off. I, myself, go for more symmetrical looking things. I have prominent tarsal bones on the top of my feet and the tapered lace ups actually relieve all pressure and discomfort in the area that most other shoe designs give me. If you are the best at turning your ankles these are certainly for you. My favorite design in these is the slightly extended sole that offers incredible lateral support on and off court! They are easy on and off but still fit very secure. I have skinny heels and they do not slip what so ever. I was concerned when I first put them on because I could feel them rubbing on the outside of my ankles. After wearing them I no longer notice it and have not had any blisters, etc. I’ve worn these to 12-hour work days and work outs without issues, yet. If you usually need larger toe boxes you should be safe with these. I typically need taller toe boxes or have to buy bigger but I have not noticed these to hinder my toes at all. Now for cons! I don’t love the design of the tongue, it’s long and I’m not sure if it’s suppose to have an angle to it or what. They are not the coolest shoes I have worn (as in temperature) but not the hottest either. The waffle-like material on the toe and sides look like it could be hectic to clean but can’t be sure as I haven’t had to clean them yet. I’ve not had them for long so I can not comment on their durability but, so far, so good.

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