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Nike Streakfly

Sapatilhas de competição para estrada

159,99 €

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Cobalt Bliss/Ashen Slate/Preto
Branco/Prateado metalizado/Preto
Laranja Total/Carmesim Bright/Volt/Preto
Rosa Hyper/Laranja Laser/Preto

Sendo as nossas sapatilhas de competição mais leves, as Nike Streakfly ajudam-te a atingir a velocidade de que precisas para enfrentares a competição numa corrida de 1,5, 5 ou 10 quilómetros. Com um design de perfil baixo e detalhes elegantes, parecem desaparecer nos pés para te ajudar a manter uma melhor ligação com a estrada enquanto corres atrás do teu recorde pessoal.

  • Cor apresentada: Cobalt Bliss/Ashen Slate/Preto
  • Estilo: DJ6566-400

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Avaliações (28)

3.9 Estrelas

  • Fast, faster...fastest?

    TerryO571327495 - 16/03/2023

    Featherweight racer / trainer. Nike are marketing this as a 5k & 10k racing shoe but I think they are off the mark. If you have these and Vaporflys and a 10k race coming up, no contest, you will race in the Vaporfly. But....if you have a 6 x 1 mile road interval session or a 5k tempo run then this Streakfly wins hands down. I would also choose it for a mile road race (we have quite a lot of these in Portugal). It's super fast, super light and you can still feel the road, simply brilliant. When you pick up the pace you will love it Now Nike, put a nylon plate in it and make a Streakfly GT, you would have a world beater

  • Amazingly light surprisingly cushy

    Johnb472534206 - 05/03/2023

    I don't run a lot of 5k's. Coming off a half marathon personal best I ran a personal best 10k and was going for the same in a 5k. I usually just run in a pair of my training shoes, but thought a lighter pair would help in a shorter distance. Any excuse for a new pair of running shoes. Out of the box my first thought was amazement at how light they are! My shoe rotation includes the zoomx invincible 1 and 2's, vomero 16's and the brooks adrenaline. None of which are particularly light. First time on my feet the upper felt like tissue paper with a zoomx lower. The upper did not feel flexible. Almost plasticky, but not a major issue. The cushioning felt squishy like I would bottom it out under hard running. First run, they felt fine. Lighter, more nimble than my usual shoes. Cushioning felt adequate for a short distance. Second run felt better. A little more broken in for me or the shoes. Just two 5k runs to check them out before the race. 5k Race day, they felt great. Missed my personal best slightly, but it was 90% humidity so not the shoes fault. Honestly the shoes just disappeared on my feet. I was 24th out of 254 people. So I'm not the fastest guy out there. 8:35 miles. Post mortem, the shoes have a total of 10 miles on them. I can see wear on the outsole. Some of it kind of looks like galling. The outsole material feels so soft I don't expect it to last. Took a picture, but I'm not sure if the wear will show. Post mortem, my feet are a little more sore than typical post race. Reasonable to expect given the reduced cushioning for the lighter weight. A fair trade. I will keep these shoes for 5k races and a couple of faster training runs leading up to them. Keeping the miles down. I don't think I would run a 10k in these, but maybe. Spectacularly light and surprisingly comfortable. If I was going to change one thing I'd make the cushioning very slightly firmer. I felt like maybe I was bottoming them out on race day.

  • Given instant speed result would recommend

    Longy - 25/02/2023

    Bought these to help my 5km time. Tested out on dog walk gave me 30sec a km quicker on a walk! Took them out for my 1st run with easy pace was up again another 30sec a km! Feels like you have real bounce and so light you hardly feel them. Very impressed. Finishing of the shoe isn't the best ie like the stitching. So not sure how long they will last. But I will save them for race days just in case!