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Nike Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy MG

Chuteiras de futebol multiterreno

84,99 €

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Amarelo Strike/Coconut Milk/Doll/Sunset Glow
Preto/Branco Summit/Volt/Cinzento Smoke escuro
Branco/Hot Punch/Coconut Milk/Azul Baltic

O campo é teu quando usas as Vapor 15 Academy MG. Adicionámos uma unidade Zoom Air e NikeSkin flexível na parte superior para um toque excecional, para que possas dominar nos minutos finais de um jogo, quando mais importa. Fast is in the Air.

  • Cor apresentada: Preto/Branco Summit/Volt/Cinzento Smoke escuro
  • Estilo: DJ5631-001

Tamanho e ajuste

  • Fica-te pequeno. Recomendamos que encomendes meio tamanho acima.

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Método de fabrico deste produto

  • Este produto foi concebido de forma responsável com materiais reciclados provenientes de resíduos após a utilização do consumidor e/ou após o fabrico. Um dos maiores passos na nossa jornada rumo à eliminação do desperdício e das emissões de carbono é a escolha dos nossos materiais, uma vez que representam mais de 70% da pegada de carbono de qualquer produto. Ao reutilizar plástico, fios e têxteis existentes, reduzimos significativamente as nossas emissões. O nosso objetivo é utilizar o máximo de materiais reciclados possível sem comprometer o desempenho, a durabilidade e o estilo.
  • Sabe mais sobre a jornada Move to Zero rumo à eliminação do desperdício e das emissões de carbono, incluindo como trabalhamos para criar produtos a pensar na sustentabilidade e ajudar a proteger o futuro do ambiente onde vivemos e nos divertimos.

Avaliações (6)

4.3 Estrelas

  • Great mid-level cleats!

    Nice mid-level cleats! - 01/11/2022

    These are some great mid-level soccer cleats. The fit is snug but not overly so (like I have experienced with other cleats in the past). Materials are pretty good and seem to flex well with your foot without introducing pressure points. I was very comfortable wearing them for multiple games in a row while playing pickup, and they seem to be quite durable so far. If you don’t want to splurge for the real high-end materials, this is a great pair to get you going.

    Produto recebido gratuitamente ou avaliado como parte de sorteios/ofertas.
  • Cleats

    Cleats - 01/11/2022

    Very durable and light weight cleats was able to be very elusive with them. The light weight of the cleats is what I loved the most about the cleats I felt like I was able to be fast and make cuts quick as well very well developed cleats

    Produto recebido gratuitamente ou avaliado como parte de sorteios/ofertas.
  • Great Soccer Cleats for the Regular Joe!

    Melon - 01/11/2022

    Nike Air Zoom Mercurial Vapor 15 Academy FG/MG Soccer Cleat When it comes to choosing a soccer cleat, fit and feel is one of the most important considerations for me because I’m almost forty years old and can’t play as long as I used to when I get on the field to train or for pick-up games. Therefore, I need a shoe that has a short break-in period. The soles of these cleats are a bit stiffer than the more premium models of Nike Mercurials, and I felt the cleats took a while to break in. But once the materials began to mold to the shape of my foot, they felt very comfortable. The curve of the two box is symmetrical but if it were more angular to give some more room for the ‘big’ toe it would have been perfect! I can tell the Nike team put a lot of new tech into this model. But this is not apparent just by looking at the shoe. The overall shape of the shoe is very similar to previous models, and I have noticed that a lot of the features are hidden by the colorway. As an entry-level soccer cleat, I think it is very comfortable after about one week of wear. I trained an average of 1.5 to 2 hours for six days, and even though they were a bit uncomfortable right out of the box by day 6, I could have gone a lot longer than 2 hours. I think they would hold to a rigorous practice session, but I have not been able to wear them long enough to say they can be comfortable for an entire day. I loved the overall look of the cleat. I think the colors they used make it stand out from the other models in the Mercurial line. The sown-down tongue is a plus, and I think the use of the soft material at the top of the tongue was a great idea. When I lace up, it helps give the boot a great lock-down feel. The only thing I would change is the material they used on the outside. I have played in dry and wet conditions, and although the cleat feels very grippy on the surface of the ball during dry conditions. However, when I played on wet grass, the cleats slipped under the ball a lot, making it difficult to maintain that spin on the ball. At that price point, the cleat is a great daily driver. It has the comfort and fit of a premium shoe and the versatility to match. If the break-in time was a bit quicker, it could easily be a number one pick.

    Produto recebido gratuitamente ou avaliado como parte de sorteios/ofertas.