Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX

Męskie nieprzemakalne buty do biegania w terenie

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Czerń/Dark Smoke Grey/Iron Grey/Czerń
Rugged Orange/Czerń/Total Orange/Habanero Red
Obsidian/Matte Olive/Citron Tint/Siren Red

W butach Nike Pegasus Trail 3 GORE-TEX możesz odkrywać nowe szlaki podczas niesprzyjającej pogody.Znana i lubiana amortyzacja dająca wygodę oraz trwały bieżnik i ulepszona konstrukcja w obszarze śródstopia zapewniają bezpieczne, neutralne wsparcie.Nieprzemakalna cholewka pozwala sprawnie pokonywać górskie szlaki nawet wtedy, gdy przeszkadza w tym niesprzyjająca pogoda.Nie pozwól, by niepogoda Cię zatrzymała. Włóż te buty i staw jej czoła.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Czerń/Dark Smoke Grey/Iron Grey/Czerń
  • Styl: DC8793-001

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Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

Oceny (78)

4.7 Gwiazdki

  • Just buy this sneaker and you will understand.

    13855867397 - 18 cze 2022

    Fire, good job, Nike. I bought hundreds of sneakers without leaving a review, but the Nike Pegasus 3 Gore-Tex is the first sneaker I am reviewing. Size, I would go half a size bigger. I usually wear 11, and 11.5 are perfect. The React form sole is soft and stable. I can stand in them all day and still wear them for my HIIT workout in the evening. The colorway and design are fire. I have gotten tons of compliments from sneakerheads and females. I haven't worn them in the rain or snow yet, but these are my go-to sneakers, and I am confident they will hold up. Spoiler alert, stop reading now. The sticker that came with it is cool and a nice surprise.

  • Very low quality details, second use broken heel loop.

    edfbfe65-568f-4a02-b3d3-29ad1770571d - 09 cze 2022

    The second day I used this, the heel loop rip off, I was waiting more of a trekking shoe. Still very comfortable but I regret expending my money on this low quality product that I fear won’t last.

  • Best shoes for running on/off-road by a country mile!

    537ce859-7af5-4939-b007-f6ed5f358e91 - 25 maj 2022

    I have used Nike running shoes for 5 years and usually run on roads in winter whilst in summer I tend to mix road/fields/paths/bridleways. I previously used my road shoes in summer but found the stability just wasn’t there when my ankle hit an angle in the path. This is where these shoes really excel. The sole around the rear of the foot is so much wider and therefore stable, no matter where I run. It’s made such a difference to the run and my speed has improved along with no twisting of the ankle. I went for Gore-Tex due to the early dew on the fields and as usual, summer can get occasionally wet. The feet so far have stayed perfectly dry. On a hot day, I don’t notice any extra build up of heat with the Gore-Tex at all. I was concerned they may get too hot, but there’s no difference as far as I can tell. I would buy the Gore-Tex again over the standard. The best part is that they run great whilst on the road. You don’t feel the weight and the return through the foam is perfect as ever. The toe box is nice and wide, so as I run and my feet swell up slightly my toes have the room to spread out and I don’t pull my toes in at all. This makes them even more comfortable for longer distances. If you’re like me and mix running across paths, fields, roads, bridleways and canal paths, then these are the shoes for you. I would strongly recommend these shoes over others due to the stability and comfort alone!!