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Nike Zoom Fly 5

Męskie buty do biegania po asfalcie

799,99 zł

Wysoko oceniane
Wybierz kolor fasonu
Hyper Pink/Laser Orange/Czerń
Biel/Bright Crimson/Light Orewood Brown/Obsidian

Zniweluj różnicę między treningami w weekendy a dniem zawodów dzięki trwałemu fasonowi, który sprawdzi się nie tylko podczas wyścigu, lecz także w trakcie wielomiesięcznych przygotowań. Ten model jest wygodny i niezawodny, a dodatkowo daje uczucie dynamiki i energii. Tego rodzaju wszechstronność jest rzadkością na arenie biegowej. Kto jednak powiedział, że nie można mieć wszystkiego?

  • Prezentowany kolor: Biel/Bright Crimson/Light Orewood Brown/Obsidian
  • Styl: DM8968-100

Bezpłatna dostawa i zwrot

Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

Oceny (46)

4.3 Gwiazdki

  • Found my perfect versatile shoe!!! 😃

    Joshua175231191 - 04 maj 2023

    Nike you made this shoe perfect!!! I used to run in the invincible 2 but felt a little unstable in that shoe. So I bought the zoom fly 5. And wow this shoe checks all the boxes. I can use this shoe for daily running and long runs. The carbon plate felt so good on rolling me forward and the transitions felt so smooth. And the cushioning stayed consistent all the way through my run. It is way more stable than the invincible and the lock down is perfect. No heel slip at all unlike the invincible 3. I noticed on my running, my heart rate wasn’t that high, and also my running felt easier and faster. When it came to running up the hills, it was so much easier compared to my invincible run. If you don’t have that much money like me you can use this shoe to daily train and race in. I’m more than confident to take this shoe on race day. I’m not a fast runner at all but this shoe gave me hope in one day becoming better overall athlete. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. This shoe is like a better Pegasus but can race in and more like a durable training/racing workhorse. Good job Nike!!! 👏

  • Nice trainer or mid-pack racer

    oldcolonial - 12 kwi 2023

    I have used these for about 50 miles and am really enjoying them. They seem like the first of the fly type shoes that is suitable for everyday all conditions use. Many of my runs are on roads and or a bit of gravel and I am comfortable using these shoes in either setting. Their being just a bit wider under foot is key to that. Like most of the fly type shoes, the outsole seem to be wearing very quickly. For the next version I would be happy to have a bit more weight in exchange for an outsole that will last as long as the midsole.

  • Superb

    drone_reich - 29 mar 2023

    I was put off buying these kicks for ages because of some really negative reviews by online testers. Wish I hadn't listened to them because these are my favourite Nike running shoes so far. I'm a forefoot / mid sole striker and the extra foam upfront is so so good. I run 10-12k per day and these leave me with zero leg fatigue. Totally recommended