Damskie buty treningowe

Nike Legend Essential 2

279,99 zł
Wysoko oceniane
Venice/Crimson Tint/Ashen Slate/Crimson Bliss
Czerń/Czysta platyna/Biel
Platinum Violet/Stone Mauve/Biel/Desert Berry

Model Nike Legend Essential 2 ma płaską, stabilną konstrukcję pięty, elastyczny obszar pod palcami i zapewnia wsparcie podczas ruchów na boki. Dzięki doskonałej przyczepności sprawdzi się podczas podnoszenia ciężarów, treningów HIIT, zajęć grupowych oraz ćwiczeń na maszynach.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Venice/Crimson Tint/Ashen Slate/Crimson Bliss
  • Styl: CQ9545-500

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Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dla członków Nike.

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Oceny (23)

4.4 Gwiazdki

Super lightweight and comfortable!

Abde0070 - 03 kwi 2021

These shoes are super light and comfortable! I've loved wearing it during my cardio workouts as it has great support and the sole has good grip. This was also the only pair I took with me on a recent roadtrip and I did not experience foot fatigue, which is unusual for me. It is true to size, breathable, and fits comfortably. I typically love color in my sneakers but the black and white combination looks sleek and elegant. These have been my go-to pair!

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Comfort, support, understated style. LOVE these shoes.

CB - 22 mar 2021

I am a 60+ active woman, and give shoes a good workout. The Nike Legend Essential 2 measured up to my picky standards. I can feel the support as soon as I put them on and especially like the support I can feel around the top half of my foot when they're tied. They provide great support during 2+ hour indoor pickleball rounds, and stay comfortable and light through all-day wear. The soles don't slip on the wood pickleball floors and are flexible enough for quick movements and landings without compromising support. The flat-design back of the sole (rather than rounded/rolling) was perfect for the pickleball courts and totally comfortable for walking as well. I have not chosen black running/athletic shoes before - these shoes have changed my view. I love the understated style - perfect for wearing outside the courts, too. Great job, Nike.

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Great for circuit training!

LaceyO - 15 mar 2021

The Nike Legend Essential 2 is a great low profile, training shoe for crossover workouts such as circuit training. The flexible, yet sturdy soles provide the grip I need while keeping my feet supported and secure. The breathable material allowed my feet to breathe and kept my feet dry during intense workouts. Upon first use, the shoes felt a little snug both in length and in width. (I would recommend going up a half of size for length if you do not want to wear a thinner sock.) However, over the first three uses, I noticed that the shoes stretched somewhat, molding to my feet. So I kept my normal size and switched to a thinner sock. Overall, I like the shoes. Because of their low profile, classic look they can easily transition from gym to going out. They are comfortable and keep my feet well supported. I would recommend to friends.

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