Giannis Immortality

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Przyszłość koszykówki pokaże, iż pozycja na boisku nie ma znaczenia, a nikt nie ucieleśnia tej ewolucji lepiej niż prawdziwy MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo. Model Giannis Immortality to buty meczowe dla graczy, którzy uwielbiają wielowymiarową grę Giannisa i chcieliby sami poczuć jego szalony styl.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Arctic Orange/Light Marine/Light Madder Root/Medium Blue
  • Styl: CZ4099-800

Bezpłatna dostawa i zwrot

Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

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3.7 Gwiazdki

  • Not real happy

    26d53d44-c9fe-468c-b614-cc66a02ca8a3 - 13 maj 2022

    These look really nice and my son loves them. However, he was walking down the hall today and one of them just ripped. They are not even 6 months old. I really didn’t expect that from Nikes. I did reach out to customer service and was told I could return them for a courtesy inspection, but what is he supposed to wear in the meantime? These aren’t terribly expensive but when I got them I expected them to last a while.


    8975218908 - 01 maj 2022

    Dope shoe. Love the look. I try so hard to wear these comfortably for long periods of time because of how cool they look, but they are real tight on the sides of my feet (I have wide feet). Great price too.

  • Giannis Immortality

    8a0e20a0-7b1f-4a2a-835a-db485cf59986 - 26 mar 2022

    Overall a decent shoe, however the lack of durability and lateral stability are factors that cannot be overlooked when playing the game of basketball.