Jordan 1 Low Alt

Buty dla niemowląt i maluchów

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Wyróżniające się kolory i system szybkiego wkładania – czego więcej można chcieć? Klasyczny styl Jordan? Bez obaw, nadal jest doskonale widoczny. Warto wspomnieć, że sznurowadła w tych sneakersach są tylko ozdobą – ich obszar otwiera się, pozwalając na łatwe wsunięcie małej stopy.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Fire Pink/Biel/Iris Whisper
  • Styl: FN7398-600

Bezpłatna dostawa i zwrot

Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

Oceny (5)

3.4 Gwiazdki

  • chahinezb222282009 - 04 cze 2024

    Effet plastique taille mal entre le 23,5 et le 25 dommage ..

  • 2 year old kept tripping in these

    AlenaRenee - 02 cze 2024

    I really wanted to love these shoes as they were super cute and easy for my 2 year old to put on herself. I mean who doesn’t love Jordan 1’s. The issue is more of a safety issue as when she walked in them every other step she was tripping over her feet. She is almost three and walks, runs , and climbs well so it was definitely the shoes. We bought them for easy on and off while traveling and before we got to our gate for departure I had to change her shoes, I was so glad I had a pair of dunks in her carry on. These shoes would be great for a little one that does not walk but if you have an active toddler I would suggest avoiding these for safety reasons.

  • αντα004cd0103a664a12a960ea67de54fbf5 - 14 maj 2024

    Πολυ βοηθητικός ο πινακας με τα μεγέθη