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Nike Air Force 1 High

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Te buty to wszystko, czego potrzebujesz: wyraziste powłoki, przebojowe, koszykarskie akcenty i idealny połysk. Wyściełany, wysoki kołnierz z zapięciem na rzep zapewnia klasyczną wygodę, a perforacje dają uczucie ochłody.

  • Prezentowany kolor: Biel/Biel/Biel/Biel
  • Styl: DD9624-100

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Bezpłatna standardowa dostawa dzięki członkostwu Nike.

Oceny (42)

4.3 Gwiazdki

  • Classic Kicks

    freshfacedover40 - 18 wrz 2022

    If you’re a Nike fan, there’s only one thing you must get high on, and that is their high-top sneakers. This ankle-hugging footwear is inarguably hard to ignore as it offers a can’t-be-miss style and hard-to-beat all-day comfort. Best known as a basketball shoe these airforce high tops will take you from street to court and all your activities in between. These High-top sneakers are the perfect shoe to pull together any look—no matter your style. They have a sleek silhouette that won’t feel bulky on your feet. I love their classic look. They are versatile yet neutral, and go with any outfit. I love how much time and effort Nike always puts in to the construction of their shoes. You know when you purchase them that they will last. There aren’t many items of clothing that would qualify as legendary, but Nike Airforce High tops are at the top of that short list. If you are looking for your new go-with-anything sneaker or simply want to add a new kick to your collection, this is the shoe for you.

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  • Great shoe!...if you can get it on!

    Josh O - 15 wrz 2022

    This shoe was definitely a step outside of my normal shoe purchase. I liked the style of it, and I thought it would be a cool addition to my shoe collection. While it did not disappoint, there was one primary flaw...you could barely get it on! I had to practically remove the laces from the shoes in order to squeeze my average sized foot into it. Once inside, I was quite happy with the shoes: the fit was good (and not tight), and they made my legs look 1-2" longer which was something new to me in a good way. The styling and the build quality were both average or a step over average, and I will likely wear these here and there when out with girlfriends. I will just plan a full 5 minutes to get them on, and 5 minutes to get them off every time.

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  • Sky High

    AX Thrower - 15 wrz 2022

    I have always thought the Air Force 1s were the bread and butter of Nike's cool and clean aesthetic. However, I was skeptical of the high tops, would it be too much shoe? Would the ankle strap take away from the OG of cool. Being able to try these out made me a believer. The all black still maintains the sleekness and the extra length means the shoe can be dressed up or down in a way that the low top doesn't do as easily.

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