Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Fly Standard Issue

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NOK 899
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Bronze Eclipse/Pale Ivory
Lime Ice/Pale Ivory
Chutney/Pale Ivory
Svart/Pale Ivory

Føl deg fresh både på og utenfor banen i Nike Dri-FIT Swoosh Fly Standard Issue-hettegenseren. Den er inspirert av oppvarmingsplagget til kvinnelige proffspillere og kombinerer en komfortabel og strukturert følelse med teknologi som er utviklet for å fjerne svette. Hoveddelen er ledig og romslig og er pyntet med en Swoosh Fly-logo – merket til Nike Women's Basketball.

  • Vist farge: Svart/Pale Ivory
  • Stil: DA6483-010

Størrelse og passform

  • Modellen har på seg størrelse S og er 178 cm høy
  • Ekstra stor passform for en romslig følelse

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Fri standardfrakt med Nike-medlemskapet ditt.Finn ut mer.

  • Levering kan ta lengre tid enn vanlig. Sjekk antatt leveringsdato i kassen.
  • Du kan returnere bestillingen din, uansett grunn og helt kostnadsfritt, innen 60 dager.

Anmeldelser (23)

4.3 Stjerner

The sweatshirt feature I never knew I needed.

Hanna - 28. sep. 2021

I like hoodies in general, but I am in love with this sweatshirt! The hood is absolutely perfect; it stays up without sliding, pokes out just enough to shade my face slightly, and is warm but not sweaty. There’s a mesh pocket inside the front pocket that keeps my chapstick both secure and handy on walks(which is especially good because the front pocket isn’t particularly good at keeping things in). And my favorite feature, hands down, is the zipper pocket. It’s as big as the front pocket, but not at all obvious. I can put my phone and keys in it, or even a diaper and a ziplock bag with a few wipes, and it isn’t noticeable! No one would look at it and think I’m stuffing my pocket, if they even realized I had a pocket. It’s so handy for going on walks or a quick trip into the grocery store. No worries about dropping my valuables, and my hands are free to wrangle my kiddos! Literally my only complaint is that it’s slightly shorter than I’d like for my long torso. It isn’t any worse than any other women’s hoodie, and I still want to buy more!

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Comfy and Sporty

jessicao - 12. sep. 2021

This is the perfect "I want to be comfortable but don't want to look lazy" jacket. It's nice and light so I didn't get too warm walking around in the morning and it's super soft. I love the extra zipper pocket for keys or anything you don't want falling out of the main pocket. I also love the way the jacket looks on. It's cropped and loose so it doesn't sit weird on my hips and it hangs super nicely. I would highly recommend this jacket to anyone!

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Almost perfect

Animalcraker - 04. sep. 2021

I’m all about comfort when I pick out my clothes and this hoodie has plenty of comfort to go around. Add the great style on top of that and this hoodie is almost perfect. Its one downfall is that it’s a bit short and falls just at my waist line. Because I wear my hoodies as outerwear I like them to go past my shirts, which means they need to go a few inches past my waist. That being said, this is a nice lightweight hoodie; perfect for cool mornings in our Southern California weather. It’s lightweight design and comfortable fit also makes this a great workout hoodie to wear while you’re working out or the keep you warm without overheating after your workout. I’m planning on using this as my new workout hoodie, which means that shorter length will actually be advantageous for flexibility during my workout routine. The added design features on this hoodie are spot on. The pouch pocket is at a comfortable height to rest my hands in. The zipper pocket is great for my phone and any other valuables that I need to take with me and don’t want to loose. And it even has a secret money/key pocket hidden in the pouch pocket that I love. The hood fits beautifully over any hairdo and stays in place while you’re moving around. As A workout hoodie I enjoy having the elastic band on the arm cuffs. The elastic helps to keep them in place when you pull up your sleeves while still maintaining comfort. The contrast of the white zipper and pull strings against the black fabric really appeals to my personal esthetic and makes it visually appealing. This hoodie is definitely a great addition to my wardrobe.

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