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Nike Therma-FIT

NOK 649
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Nike Therma-FIT-hettegenseren kombinerer spillbarheten og varmen til Nikes tekniske fleecemateriale med en ledig og romslig passform. «NIKE» i store, utskårne bokstaver er sydd fast på forsiden.

  • Vist farge: Svart/Svart/Svart/Summit White
  • Stil: DA6370-010

Størrelse og passform

  • Modellen har på seg størrelse M og er 186 cm høy
  • Ledig passform for en romslig følelse

Fri frakt og retur

Fri standardfrakt med Nike-medlemskapet ditt.Finn ut mer.

  • Levering kan ta lengre tid enn vanlig. Sjekk antatt leveringsdato i kassen.
  • Du kan returnere bestillingen din, uansett grunn og helt kostnadsfritt, innen 60 dager.

Anmeldelser (19)

4.5 Stjerner

Great Hoodie

Missunshine88 - 05. sep. 2021

This Therma Fit Men's Basketball Hoodie is so comfortable and lightweight! The material is Nike’s typical therma-fit that doesn’t have a ton of stretch but is lightweight and warm! The large logo is an excellent change up from Nike’s usual logo and I love how it’s stitched right into the hoodie. It is perfect for any activity on a cool day.

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Warm, wicking, breathable, and very comfortable

Ian Joshua - 05. sep. 2021

I love the Nike Therma Hoodies, this is my second one. The first one I went Medium because I like my hoodies a bit larger, but this in a small was the right call. Fits true to size, arms have plenty of room for a swing or a shot but aren’t too long/big for casual wearing. Hoodie pocket is standard and holds items well. The Design and stitching of the hoods have come a long way from the early 2000’s and hug your head well. The length of the hood is a half-inch longer than I would personally like, but I know others won't mind. The thermahoodies are practically water-resistant and are great insulators. I also love the wicking action and slight breathability. They retain heat well when you need it and vent when you don’t.

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Definitely Recommend

LexsaMarie - 05. sep. 2021

This hoodie is incredibly comfortable and has quickly become one of my go-to items (and it's still summer)! The contrast in colors is not at all subtle because of how large the white print is, but definitely goes with the majority of my items. It's a small detail, but the white lettering is made of the same material on the outside hand inside so it just feels seamless and doesn't cause irritation when I don't have a full coverage layer underneath. It's another small detail-- but I appreciate the fact that the lettering continues behind the pocket. It makes it look much more complete especially because you can see it when the pocket sticks out a bit on the sides. Plus, It's a nice texture to fidget with while self soothing. Additionally, the fact that it's got a liner around the face of the hoodie that's made of the same material as the outside of the hoodie is an incredibly nice touch. It feels much nicer that way on the forehead while also absorbing sweat on my head much better than the material on the inside would. I've already washed it a couple times and the inside material has managed to get softer with each wash and the black coloring is just as prominent now as it was when I first received the item. So, I'm definitely impressed with their color lock. It is thick enough to keep me warm in the mornings, but then packs down very nicely. So, inevitably taking it off after it gets warmer outside means that it doesn't take up too much room in my bag. I would very confidently say that I could wear this for weather ranging from 65 - 85 comfortably and without a doubt while working out. The only things that I wish were different, is a slight change to the hood and the wrist stitching. I have a slightly longer neck. So, it would be very nice if the hood itself was slightly longer so that it could fit better. As it stands, it's a little too close to my chin for it to be considered a perfect fit. Secondly, I wish that there was even a tiny bit of elasticity anything wrist stitching. I love that the material is cohesive so I would definitely want it to be something that you can't tell from the outside, but the hidden elastic would help so that it doesn't fall over your hands as easily while doing things. Outside of those nit-picking issues, I honestly love this hoodie. It makes me feel instantly more put together and comfortable.

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